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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Guiliani And The Stark Reality Of Mentally Incompetent Punditry

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If you did not catch this today, you didn’t miss a thing. Rudy Giuliani continues to validate why some people should avoid the television camera and the microphone.

What is that old adage: ” The fool who keeps his mouth closed maybe never be discovered to be a fool.”

Giuliani says “no radical Islamic terror attacks in US before Obama/Clinton.

Wait a minute. who was the mayor of New York city on 9/11/2001?

If you have watched Giuliani over the past few days defending Donald Trump’s insane remarks about ISIS’s founder (Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton), this on camera appearance should help your understanding of his mental state and his personal credibility.

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism Fizzling Into Shame

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Twitchy dot com goes Trump……Capturing reality can be so very embarrassing regarding Trump’s past statements.

TIME Magazine over time (excuse the unavoidable pun)
Donald Trump loves it when he is on the cover of TIME magazine
(1/2) Time Magazine has me on the cover this week. David Von Drehle has written one of the best stories I have ever had.
…But probably not this time;

Another area of frequent Trump politicking is Hillary Clinton’s support for the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Remember, North American Free Trade. Question. Does trump produce items for retail consumption in Mexico? I believe he contracts Mexican workers to produce products sold in the United States.

Let’s take a look at how Now This handles Trump’s rhetoric.

At the risk of running on bit, I simply must include a couple of MSNBC segments aired last evening. If you are a progressive and a news geek, you probably saw and heard the segments, but I want to make certain non-news geeks have opportunity to take-in the segments. 

Words matter for presidents! Chris Hayes, ALL IN

Obama Founded ISIS? Cheis Hayes, ALL IN

The next set of segments have longer run times, but recall our credo “…time well spent feeds the highly informed voter.”  Lawrence O’Donnell, The Last Word. 

What is someone acts on Trump’s rhetoric?

Donald Trump is a farce. Yet, he pales when compared to considerations of Americans who have placed in a position to serve as the leader of the nation. It speaks volumes of the cesspool nature of large swaths of our populace and it speaks of a metastasized Republican Party. Trump could have easily declared to run as a Democrat. Alas, such a declaration would not serve to secure the support of US bigots, racists, rabid gun lovers and Obama haters: his prime support base. 

The Daily GOP Ignominious:Trump Gone Rabid

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We don’t see the need to offer any introduction to this post.  

When fifty former officials who happen to be Republican speakout, even we pay attention.
Shoot an opponent!   Can we become anymore Hitlarian?

Yes, it is true!

How out some Trump Fact-checking? Economic Plan? Really? How many of you will derive any benefit from any changes in an “Estate Tax?”

The Daily GOP Ignominious: The Ugly GOP (Video)

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The best way to assess character is to secure insight into the company a person keeps. 
An illustration of the point comes clear when an informed person compares the Democratic National Convention to the cesspool fear circus of the Republican National convention. 

We offer an image of our last point.

If you felt the GOP convention was a wholesome and worthwhile set of events, you must know by now you stand alone and opposite the vast majority of media experts and political pundits (even many conservative pundits).

We encourage you to witness the level to which your GOP vote will place a stamp on our nation, we encourage you to spend three minutes watching your run-of-the-mill Trump supporter. The video is ugly through and through. It depicts the very reason Donald Trump won the GOP nomination and transparentit exemplifies the roots of why each and every whtie supremacists and anti-Islamic bigot clings to the GOP.

If you can watch what follows and can not associate the behavior to what life was for milllions who quietly wathced and acquiesced as Adolf Hitler tookover Germany in the mid to late 1920s.

The New York Times deserves credit for the video and three of its reporters should receive a high-order of recognition for the work they accomplished.

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Unfiltered Voices From Donald Trump’s Crowds

New York Times reporters have covered Donald J. Trump’s rallies for more than a year. His supporters at these events often express their views in angry and provocative ways. Here are some examples.

It seems the plug is coming unglued on the Trump campaigning and possible coming unglued on his retail empire.  One should consider if the Macy’s announcement and the New York Times video published was coincidental to the same day.

The Daily GOP Ignominious: A Pathetic GOP Party Leader, Showman And International Danger

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The Purple Heart…and nuclear weapons.

The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the armed forces of the U.S. who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action. It is specifically a combat decoration.

Alas, what happens when a foolish American “alleged” former colonel from the US military hands Trump a Purple Heart medal?

“Something very nice just happened to me. A man came up to me and he handed me his Purple Heart,” he said.
He continued, “I said to him, ‘Is that like the real one or is that a copy? And he said, ‘That’s my real Purple Heart. I have such confidence in you.’  d“I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”
“Houston we have a problem!” While Trump stated he asked the retired Iraq War veteran, identified as Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman, if the medal was real, it turns out it isn’t the veterans actual personal copy. 

Someone is lying!  Would you car to guess who is the liar?  (Snopes)
According to the Western Journal: “Dorfman confirmed to NBC’s Katy Tur that he gave the billionaire a copy of the award, not the original.

Here is the campaign trail exhibition.

A couple fo key points.

First, and maybe the utmost important, why are we barraged with daily scenarios that have lies intermixed with the communication? Either Trump lied about the “real Purple Heart”, or the retired veteran initially lied to Trump. The item handed to Trump was a copy!

Next, the definition of the Purple Heart (above) clearly indicates war theater injury or death (awarded posthumously). Despite the definition, Trump indicated he always wanted a purple heart, and his receiving the medal via the retired vet is much easier. What a tragic comment only viable from a charlatan entertainer? It is especially tragic when one considers Trump’s history with defending our nation.  Trump avoided military service during the Viet Nam was via five draft deferments. He could have volunteered to join the US Air Force or US the Navy, but he chose to do what most uber-wealthy Americans do (avoid military service). My military service included four years of service during the Viet Nam War while assigned to the US Air Force. No, my desire to see, touch or even think of the Purple Heart was far from a “bucket list’ wish. In fact, I will never forget a startling experience while serving our country. 

While flying back to the Lower forty-eight states from my duty station in Alaska, I recall the no cost “hop” plane ride seemed inordinately cold. No, the Alaskan environment and climate paid no role in my discomfort. I took a look over my shoulder towards the back of the C-141. The view was of over 50 caskets draped with US flags. The transport carted US war KIA military men and women back from Veit Nam. No, the Purple Heart isn’t a national award to be used as the object of a cruel joke (from a wealthy clown.)  Actually, I wonder if Trump actually is aware of the conditions under which the award is authorized for presentation to a member or former member of our military.

Some who read this piece won’t care about Trump’s utter disregard for any caring position relating to the US military.  If you are one of those folks, think about this from this morning’s Morning Joe show:

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump’s Claim False Plagiarism

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Last week Donald Trump and his Keystone Cops 2016 campaign thought scheduling his wife on stage to vouch for Trump’s ability to lead the nation would be a good idea. It may have been worked as a good strategy had Mrs. Trump had an opportunity to work with a competent campaign team. 

There is much more to stage performances than  visuals via the camera Yes, there is much more to ascend a stage to speak, even if the visual is augmented via obvious external appearance augmentation. Of utmost importance is the content of the speech. Content when developed with even a minute of words from the speech of another person must be accompanied by attribution to the original speaker. In the case of Melania Trump, that did not take place. You know and the world knows Mrs. Trump didn’t offer proper attribution as she used the words of Michelle Obama, FLOTUS, from a previous speech. 

Subsequent to the Trump passage lifting and plagiarism, the world now knows more about the Trump family.  Trump’s wife also has lived life with a fabricated educational background. A background discovered via the curiosity of journalists after the plagiarism; a background which has now been scrubbed from her website. 

It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to know what has transpired over the course of the Democratic Party Convention. Mr. “I hit back”  Trump has his fumbling campaign team seeking opportunist to falsely label speeches a plagiarize.  Do the Trump’s have any respect for the minds and psyches of people who so willingly support the as if they worship a family of Pied Pipers?  The question is a rhetorical question, especially if you consider what follows.

First, we have a Trump offspring (standing with his father), making a claim that Obama lifted passages from Trump The Younger’s speech. Yes, to state it civilly, it is a preposterous claim, but let’s explore the Trump mind and its campaign.

Trump (The Younger)

The statement President Obama has used since early 2010 (and maybe prior to 2010). 

 “That’s not the America I know.”
I’m honored that POTUS would plagiarize a line from my speech last week. Where’s the outrage? 
Well, to answer the misguided Trump, there will be no outrage because there was no lifting of passages. Moreover, there was no plagiarizing. 

AddicitingInfo published a piece regarding the feeble campaign strategy.

Excerpt (AddicitngInfo)
Here’s what the younger Trump said last week in Cleveland.
Donald Trump Jr: There’s so much work to do. We will not accept the current state of our country because it’s too hard to change. That’s not the America I know. We’re going to unleash the creative spirit and energy of all Americans. We’re going to make our schools the best in the world for every single American of every single ethnicity and background.
And here’s what the president said in Philadelphia.
President Barack Obama: What we heard in Cleveland last week wasn’t particularly Republican and it sure wasn’t conservative. What we heard was a deeply pessimistic vision of a country where we turn against each other and turn away from the rest of the world. There were no serious solutions to pressing problems, just the fanning of resentment and blame and anger and hate. And that is not the America I know. The America I know is full of courage, and optimism, and ingenuity. The America I know is decent and generous.
Obama has also frequently used the construction of “the America I know” and “not the America I know” in public addresses.
During an economic address in Cleveland, Ohio in 2010, for example, he said “Instead of setting our sights higher, they’re asking us to settle for a status quo of stagnant growth and eroding competitiveness and a shrinking middle class. Cleveland, that is not the America I know. That is not the America we believe in.”

_______ End AddictingInfo excerpt

Is there really a person on Earth who can assimilate to the mental giant, cognitive behemoth, and creative genius speechwriter, Obama, lifting from a speech delivered by this fool? Really?

Yes, the Trumps are surprisingly inept about the way they are managing their public aura.

After Hillary Clinton’s speech of last night, the Trumps are at it again. This false charge of plagiarism is out of this world nutty.

Aol News

Sean Spicer, who works for the Republican National Committee, tweeted that Clinton lifted the phrase from political scientist Alexis de Tocqueville.

According to Aol News the charge is pure fallacy as it is not in de Tocqueville’s book

Let’s not spend any time on that ridiculous claim.

Again I ask, “Is there an original and creative bone in the wealthy New Yorker’s campaign?”

The Daily GOP Ignominious: When GOP Politics Enable (Racism Blossoms)

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When GOP politics enable…

Unfortunately, as politics go,so goes America.  

Have you ever shared time among a group of co-workers or a group of friends and noticed an intriguing human dynamics take shape without discussion, plan, or happenstance. One such dynamic is non-anointed group leaders. People as part of the group (without any voting) seem to move one of more of its members to that person others look to for formal or informal leadership and in some cases the person to literally follow. It evolves via common and normal interaction and it can develop without concerted efforts to advance the dynamic by the “leader . The dynamic is a natural evolution of, and is probably common to, any breathing species (animal, fish, bird). And, as human beings, any group which shares common life experiences and, or, who share a common ideology, will experience the dynamic naturally, if it is not established via common forms of appointment such as the act of voting.

Thus, we as human beings are ultimately influenceable and we are potential pawns or items of manipulation for the gifted orator or the crafty behind the scenes operator. Of course, we from time to time run across the person who is gifted in both behind the scenes interaction as well as gifted as an orator: Barack Obama.  A rarity indeed and certainly not the leader of our time of 2016 politicking; whom we are about to expose.

Yes, we are referring to Donald J. Trump, the nascent leader of the GOP and his success in providing a path for conservative America to come out of their bigoted and racists closet. If the characterization of “the closet” is a bit much for you, consider the following. Trump represents a political party and ideology which has been anti-civil and anti-human rights since the revolutionary times of the 1960s. It is a party of  comprised 92% white Americans. An even more glaring example of a party of social intolerance (if the word makes you feel better vs. bigots or racists) you should consider the number of African-American delegates at the recent Republican National Convention: 18 of the 2472 delegate seats. A fact that cannot be written off as circumstance or indifference from black republicans. The ascension of Trump to the top of the GOP is as natural as GOP no votes to any Obama initiative.

When GOP politics enable.

Donald Trump has a long history of discrimination against African-Americans. If we apply deep scrutiny to his actions and comments, it isn’t difficult to find a deep core of racism. No, he will probably not support past acts of lynchings, killing to acquire black lands, nor would he stand to publicly declare white supremacy. Yet, his inner core of supremacy has been evident for many years and has been readily applied to people of color. New York Times OP-ED writer, Nicholas Kristof, recently published an opinion piece based on personal research focused on Trump’s background as a developing billionaire. 

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

The answer is, yes Donald Trump is a racist who readily manifest his inner core. An inner core that has led to a much more robust support from white supremacists, neo-nazis, and the more common bigot.  

When GOP politics enable.

You are aware of David Duke’s support for Trump.  If you are not aware of Duke and his resurgent white supremacist dogma head over to YouTube and type in the name “David Duke.”

Duke aside, let’s visit with the current national director of the KKK via MIC dot com.  

“Trump is espousing the ideals we’ve been promoting for years,” said Thomas Robb, who took over for David Duke as national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. “They’re talking about [these ideals] at the Republican National Convention. It makes our position credible.”

Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

The Ku Klux Klan’s newspaper, the Crusader ( “The Political Voice of White Christian America!”, published quarterly)

According to the national director of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) reports requests for his newsletter has skyrocketed. 

When GOP politics enable.

Robb, who took over for David Duke as national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. “They’re talking about [these ideals] at the Republican National Convention. It makes our position credible.”

Other white supremacists echoed Duke’s sentiments.

Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

<figure class="embeddable clearfix embeddable-twitter embeddable-twit-pic" data-twitterhtml="

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View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter
I haven’t been called a “kike” since leaving Soviet Union in 1989. Thanks to Trump-loving Neo-Nazis for the reminder

According to Robb, Trump’s “fixes” for problems were preaching to a long-quiet choir. In June, Trump called for outlawing immigrants from places with histories of terrorism. In December, he recommended banning Muslims from entering the U.S. And in order to keep people from immigrating into the country, the first point of his proposed immigration reform calls for a wall along the Mexican border — a wall he believes Mexico should pay for.

“We called for the border wall 30 years ago,” Robb said. “We never expected someone so outspoken on issues of immigration.”

When GOP politics enable.

And, this is where it all leads.  Reince Priebus was finally forced to refute growing David Duke clinging to his party leader (Donald Trump).

Keya Morgan, Filmmaker, states he has studied Hitler for two decades and the likeness to Trump is real and, in my words stupifying. 

 Trump’s influence on a large swath of the nation far exceeds love from white supremacists.

For child being aged woman and secondarily women in general. 

Just to remind people Trumpo said this about abortion and women . In case you missed it #SCOTUS— vlh (@coton_luver) July 25, 2016

How about the person who feels he has a right to force actions from another and when the person does not comply, he moves to Jim Crow racists oratory and acts?

Is it possible for you to overlook the comfort displayed by one of the GOP’s most noted racist?  If you wonder about my use of the word “comfort”, watch the total confidence and lack of shame from an elected member of the US Congress. In this age of open racism from the Right, labelling Trumpism as an aberration is a false sense of reality.

The GOP via conservative Ameican will go down in modern US history in a manner comparable to a developing Third Reich in the mid 1920s.

Did you really believe I would leave this piece without more regarding Trump as the consummate flim-flam man?

“The Art of the Deal?”

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump’s Convention Veracity (Or Lack There Of)

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 Image added by The Pardu

Thank you, thank you. Thank you very much.

Friends, delegates and fellow Americans: I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States.


With an aura of the conservative American (high-end baby boomer) rebel yell: “USA, USA, USA”, Donald J. Trump became  the official GOP nominee for the nation’s 45th President. He also at that moment solidified and sealed the GOP as the party of American regressivism, developing Bolshevism, and the party stamped itself as the party of the pathological liar. We will hold additional comment about a party with growing fissures of bigotry and racism; we will hold for another more detailed piece. 

As we think of what transpired over the past four days, it is impossible to avoid thoughts of the leader of the Republican National convention. 
Wherefore art thou Reince Priebus and your 2013 “Autopsy.” 

The GOP has gone full Paleozoic regarding social progress and cohesiveness in America.

As is always the case, when it comes to a reality TV carnival barker finding success off the psyches of frightened Americans, it pays to check to see what is in the carnival tent.  Frankly, it should be noted with each Trump appearance David (former KKK leader and white supremacists) Duke offers “I could not have said it better.” Since we know white supremacists and white nationalists operate from a basis of misinformation focused singularly on the psyches of American whites, informed people should dig deeper for the truth.

Thus, our look at Trump’s convention lies. We visited a few sources of credible fact-checking and reported below.  Yet, we should first visit  other fact checkers for Trump’s history of lies, deceit, and misinformation.

Trump as Politifact 2015 “Lie of the Year”

The graphic is most assured note a balanced distribution.  It is highly slanted from Half True  through Pants on Fire.

Let’s starts with the Associated Press.


AP Fact Check: Donald Trump’s RNC acceptance speech

July 21, 2016 at 11:30 PM EDT  | Updated: Jul 21, 2016 at 11:37 PM

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump takes the stage to formally accept the nomination on the last day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump takes the stage to formally accept the nomination on the last day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
WASHINGTON — TRUMP: “Decades of progress made in bringing down crime are now being reversed by this administration’s rollback of criminal enforcement. Homicides last year increased by 17 percent in America’s 50 largest cities. That’s the largest increase in 25 years.”
THE FACTS: A rollback? President Barack Obama has actually achieved some big increases in spending for state and local law enforcement, including billions in grants provided through the 2009 stimulus. While FBI crime statistics for 2015 are not yet available, Trump’s claim about rising homicides appears to come from a Washington Post analysis published in January. While Trump accurately quotes part of the analysis, he omits that the statistical jump was so large because homicides are still very low by historical standards. In the 50 cities cited by the Post, for example, half as many people were killed last year as in 1991.

The New York Times

National Public Radio (NPR)

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump’s Star Of David Meme, Campaign Strategy, And The Dangers of Trump

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Late last week MIC dot com published a piece related to Donald Trumps seeming penchant for visiting unsavory web pages, extracting tweetable items and tweeting or retweeting like a child with a new toy. The MIC piece focused on the recently tweeted meme of Hillary Clinton embedded over a background of large denomination US dollars accompanied by a Star of David with a political message.

After two days of strategy, the Trump campaign immersed yesterday with something of a false narrative strategy. The strategy memo must read.

Trump did not post the tweet. 

It was posted by a former caddy hired as a social media functionary.  

It was created by the functionary. 

(Ultimately) it was not a Star of David, it was a ‘sheriffs’ star.  

I should also remind you, the tweet took place towards the middle of last week with the exact same meme posted on a disgusting Anti-Semitic message board on June 22, 2016.

MIC dot com 

Donald Trump Star of David Tweet Sparks Outrage

Again, it is important to point out Trump’s affinity for visiting Twitter pages so full of racist and anti-semantic posts, assertions of he is not a racist are futile (Newt Gingrich).

Trump’s racist and anti-Semite Twitter research, uncovered a meme created in late June via message board that is literally full of pure garbage: /pol/ – Politically Incorrect★ , The following actual post is available via visiting this link and scrolling  down(from MIC dot com). 

MIC also reports as follows.

Of note is the file name of the photo, HillHistory.jpg, potentially a nod to the Neo-Nazi code for “HH,” or “Heil Hitler,” which the alt-right is fond of hiding in plain sight. 
The watermark on the lower-left corner of the image leads to a Twitter account that regularly tweets violent, racist memes commenting on the state of geopolitical politics.  

If you take a look at the replacement meme via Trump’s social media team, the circle appears superimposed over the ‘Star of David” clip art. 

All efforts to “circle the wagons” around Trump, the fact remains a meme made it on to his Twitter account with genesis in neo-nazi white supremacy. Moreover, no one from the Trump campaign has come forth with a heartfelt sincere “we are sorry for the mistake” regarding the disgusting post. 

Let’s visit with one of CNN’s most ridiculous Trump supporter/surrogate: Jeffrey Lord. 


Lord attempted to follow the “memo”, but the strategy is full of holes. The meme was created a full two weeks before Trump’s former addy guy, allegedly found it on a conservative twitter account. When will any level of decency ease into Trump’s campaign? Before we move on, it is important to report that I personally heard and saw the “Sheriff’s star” strategy for at least three Trump talking heads.

The meme has been modified, the Trump campaign has embarked on protectionism, and it is time to move on, correct?  Actually, no it isn’t time to move on.

We recognize Trump has deployed a GOP southern strategy on steroids since day one. He has offended every minority group in the United States. Before the General Elections, he will offend segments of the white male population.  If rumors are accurate he is about to choose Newt Gingrich (VP prospect) to assist in carrying his white nationalist message while campaigning. Only Mike Pence would make a more cohesive mission oriented purveyor of Trump’s strategy 

Fortune recent addressed Trump’s dangerous courting of America’s white supremacists. The Fortune piece is poignant.

If you chose to avoid reading the fortune piece, how about a visual of what Trump hatred looks like.

Are you old enough to remember the image below? 

Just as ugly, eh?

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