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Death In Oregon

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As the nation moves away from the first skirmish between the Oregon anarchists led by Cliven Bundy’s sons, the death of the wildlife refuge takeover cabal has grabbed national news.

We should not be surprised about stories of an assassination of Lavoy Finicum. The surprise is the quickness with which some members of the cabal are truth-telling about Finicum’s death. Stories of the “tent guy” on his knees with his hands in the held in the air are false. If you have a few minutes consider listening to some of the following video (twelve plus minutes) for what can be described as propaganda and attempts at martyrdom: linked here.

Herewith is a telling of the shooting from a conservative website. The piece has links to Fox News sites on which one writer headlined the words “Suicide by Cop.”  The other Fox News links offer comment from a Finicum family member:

Young Conservatives

Ammon Bundy told his wife that Finicum was cooperating with police when he was shot, according to Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore. A Facebook account reportedly operated by one of Finicum’s 11 children, Thara Tenney, also said Finicum was cooperating.
“I want the world to know how my father was murdered today,” the post said. “His hands were in the air and he was shot in the face by the American authorities. Ammon Bundy reported there are six witnesses to this evil.”

The Raw Story offers a detailed telling of the incident with video and comments from anarchists who were involved in the roadblock incident.

The writer of the Young Conservative piece simply nailed the matter. Regardless of which story is based in fact, the entire incident and related death are a tragedy that was completely unavoidable.

Palin’s Eldest Daughter Again Gets Pregnant, Dan Savages Respond And Geraldo Rivera To The Fox News Rescue

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The following is in reference to this national news. 

Why is the story national news? Because, of our state of love for life as reality TV, and the continuing “gift” to the Sarah Palin’s disjointed family via the US GOP.  The gift of wealthy, unearned, undeserved and frankly, akin to the old TV series “The Beverly Hillbillies.” 

When it comes to the “Gift” Of the GOP and Fox News demagogue (former Fox News demagogues) we should expect a response from the network. Dan Savage, Gay Rights Activist, spoke frankly and honestly about the news of Bristol Palin’s “Sex outside of marriage” By default he also criticised the Palin matriarch for her complete and utter hypocrisy in past criticism of unwed mothers.  

Of late, Fox has dispatched Megyn “White Santa; white Jesus” Kelly to perform its hatchet work against those who defile the Fox News Business model and its host of demagogues. The comments for Dan Savage (below) were met from a less visible yet equally mouthy Fox News conservative, who frankly has such a jaded past, he should have thought more about defending his employer.

Dan Savage via The Raw Story

The Raw Story

Dan Savage pointed out on Thursday that Bristol Palin’s announcement regarding her second pregnancy will likely be treated more favorably by conservatives, compared to their usual rhetoric regarding single mothers.

“If Bristol Palin’s last name was ‘Obama,’ the whole Hee Haw gang at Fox News would spend half of every day for the next nine months telling us that Bristol Obama has terrible parents — ‘Maybe Michelle should be less concerned with what your kids are eating and more concerned with what her kids are doing!’ — and the other half of the day pretending to fret over the terrible example that Bristol Obama was setting for other African American women and girls,” Savage wrote.

Read more linked above

While Fox is known for its zany and nonsensical response to what it perceives as an attack, Geraldo Rivera’s response is historically and particularly disgusting unprofessional and outright “thuggish.”
Rivera went “Fuck you, jerk off.” You will be hard press to avoid the label “Thuggish” as you ingest Rivera’s response.


Geraldo Rivera to Dan Savage: ‘F*ck You Jerk Off’

On Thursday evening we reported that in response to paid abstinence spokeswoman Bristol Palin‘s second out-of-wedlock pregnancy, columnist Dan Savage suggested the response from Fox News would be different if Palin were the daughter of President Barack Obama. Let’s just say Fox’s Geraldo Rivera was unhappy with this assertion.

“If Bristol Palin’s last name was ‘Obama,’” Savage wrote, “the whole Hee Haw gang at Fox News would spend half of every day for the next nine months telling us that Bristol Obama has terrible parents… and the half of the day pretending to fret over the terrible example that Bristol Obama was setting for other African American women and girls.”

Here’s Rivera’s response:

@Mediaite fxck you jerk off. Fox news doesn’t have a reaction to anyone’s pregnancy
— Geraldo Rivera (@GeraldoRivera) June 26, 2015
Savage seemed bemused, if anything:

@Nickidewbear @GeraldoRivera @Mediaite Fxck you?

What Is Racism: Distinguished Duke University Professor Joins The Growing Ranks Of Overt Racists

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If you need evidence racism is not solely the cognitive deficiency of the less educated, think again.

The recent civil unrest in Baltimore led to a rather thoughtful and noteworthy New York Times editorial. The article apparently reached the eyes, mind and impetus to respond from a racist who is responsible via his profession for educating our young, gifted and possibly foundational pillars of the nation.
The subject NY Times editorial: How Racism Doomed Baltimore

Now meet the professorial racist:

Jerry Hough, James B. Duke
 professor of political science
…and a safe bet Republican voter


At Duke University, the title of James B. Duke Professor is given to a small number of the faculty with extraordinary records of achievement. At some universities, titles like “distinguished professor“, “institute professor“, or “regents professor” are counterparts of this title.

Jerry Hough is employed by Duke University; do not allow the Duke University “record of achievement” title of distinction, guide you away from one of the nation’s most storied institutions of higher learning. According to Times Higher Duke ranks 34th among international colleges and universities. While this piece is not per se about Duke University, it should be noted in early April a Duke student admitted to hanging a noose form a campus tree.
Is there a problem at the University? What is the prospect the following sentiments and response to the NY Times editorial have a common thread in educator/student interaction? Of course, one can only speculate, and probably not arrive at an accurate answer. Coincidence, however, can be a horrible conduit to perception.  And, that takes one to the old axiom: “Perception is reality.”

I digress…..

Let’s take a look at part of Hough’s response as he posited the NYT author was “what is wrong in the black community.” The ‘distinguished political sciences professor’  and (I assume) activist in the black community (facetious) keyboarded…..

Via The Raw Story

“[T]he blacks get symbolic recognition in an utterly incompetent mayor who handled this so badly from beginning to end that her resignation would be demanded if she were white,” he wrote. “The blacks get awful editorials like this that tell them to feel sorry for themselves.” 
Hough noted that “the Asians” faced discrimination throughout U.S. history: “They didn’t feel sorry for themselves, but worked doubly hard.” 
“I am a professor at Duke University,” he admitted. “Every Asian student has a very simple old American first name that symbolizes their desire for integration. Virtually every black has a strange new name that symbolizes their lack of desire for integration.”

Hough added that blacks made the problem worse by refusing to date white people. 

“It was appropriate that a Chinese design won the competition for the Martin Luther King state (Spelling should be statue),” he concluded. “King helped them overcome. The blacks followed Malcolm X.

If you wish to read Hough’s full comment we offer an embed from the Duke Chronicle.

Hough’s response to being placed on suspense by the university?

Watch the video below from WTVD, broadcast May 17, 2015.
The ABC affiliate attempted to secure an on-camera response from Hough, but he would only responded via email:

“Martin Luther King was my hero and I was a big proponent of all the measures taken at the time, including Affirmative Action. But the degree of integration is not what I expected, and it is time to ask why and to change our approach. I am, of course, strongly against the toleration of racial discrimination. I do not know what racial intolerance means in modern code words and hesitate to comment on that specific comment.
“The issue is whether my comments were largely accurate. In writing me, no one has said I was wrong, just racist. The question is whether I was right or what the nuanced story is since anything in a paragraph is too simple.
“I am strongly against the obsession with “sensitivity.” The more we have emphasized sensitivity in recent years, the worse race relations have become. I think that is not an accident. I know that the 60 years since the Montgomery bus boycott is a long time, and things must be changed. The Japanese and other Asians did not obsess with the concentration camps and the fact they were linked with blacks as “colored.” They pushed ahead and achieved. Coach K did not obsess with all the Polish jokes about Polish stupidity. He pushed ahead and achieved. And by his achievement and visibility, he has played a huge role in destroying stereotypes about Poles. Many blacks have done that too, but no one says they have done as well on the average as the Asians. In my opinion, the time has come to stop talking incessantly about race relations in general terms as the President and activists have advocated, but talk about how the Asians and Poles got ahead–and to copy their approach. I don’t see why that is insensitive or racist.”

Hough is a Harvard educated professor working at one of the top 50 universities on Earth. He claims an affinity for Martin Luther King Jr. while also harboring deep stereotypical generalizations about African-Americans. The professor felt compelled to seek and postulate on the “wrongs in the black community while ignoring another author’s opinion on the ills of inner city America.  Alleged laziness in African-Americans is by far not the bottom-line basis for urban strife.  
The email comments above are fairly common rationales for disparaging the black community, but those who go there do not consider the impact of whites first hired, first promoted and are not encumbered by glass ceilings in corporate America. I posit it is safe to assume Hough has never sat and reviewed data inherent in an affirmative action plan with attention to participation rates in jobs categories above the level of Service Worker. He doesn’t care to contemplate the impact of school systems left to lower tax rates when whites flee to suburbia and enroll their kids in private schools. Ultimately, he did not speak the dog whistle “welfare”, but we can rest assured Hough will not acknowledge there are more white Americans on welfare than black Americans. He seems like many whites who simply lay inner city strife to its economically corralled denizens. He has the gall to ignore US history in its entirety while reaching to Japanese internment (due to racism an insecurity) for a flawed example of overcoming life’s barriers.

One would think a Harvard educated professor would have the common sense to rid himself of ingrained racist that may have been implanted from birth and fully developed as he grew he grew to adulthood. Since, he doesn’t seem to have developed beyond the psyche of a common racist, we can only await the outcome of his suspension for a readout on how Duke University  handles the likes of Hough in the classroom. 

Thirty-one percent of the university’s student body is African-American. A fact that brings us to another intriguing dynamic. Hough’s course offerings may be the perfect curriculum item for the many Duke University students who attract a high level of national acclaim via its athletic programs.

For those who will finish the read thinking, the good liberal, The Pardu, fell into a bit of racism via mention of Duke’s athletic programs do not rush into that realm. Think first about the majority of white, Asian or Latino athletes who will find the good professor an untenable leader of an educational program and an undesirable as a lecture hall leader.

Right-wing Demagogues Laura Ingraham and Rafael Cruz And The Horrors They Speak:

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Laura Ingraham

The ‘average black’ doesn’t understand why the minimum wage is bad

So, the people who elected Ted Cruz to the US Senate in 2010 paved the golden path for Cruz’s racist father and his opportunity to scoop-up speaking fees. We have anxiously awaited document-able and video validation of the elder Cruz as a racist. His penchant for speaking on the far-right fringe is well documented and should serve as an indicator of what was to come. As is always the case, eventually all old dogs yield their inner core; they cannot change their bark.   

Cruz’s inner core includes unadulterated racism to the level of blanket diminution of a people: African Americans.  Of course, Cruz uses the more common vernacular among Americans white elite and their reference to African-Americans as “the black.” 

Of course, I have also heard Chris Matthews , MSNBC Hardball host, callously use a derivative of the vernacular: “The blacks.”  I will readily admit use of the vernacular in some forms works very well and reciprocal use of “whites” can be found in certain TPI articles. Close scrutiny will find major differences in my use of “whites” and Cruz’s “the black” and Matthews ” the blacks.”

I digress for sake of openness and fairness.

The last stop on the Rafeal Cruz racist roadshow was at a $25.00 per seat monthly meeting: Western Williamson Republican Club’s August meeting flyer.

While quoting language from a noted African-American conservative and Fox News stapled color commentator, Jason Riley, Cruz must have felt as comfortable as any member of the Ku Klux Klan while addressing the conservative meeting audience.

According to The Raw Story’s Arturo Garcia, Cruz quoted as in this manner
Conservative activist Rafael Cruz argued that African-Americans need to be “educated” to oppose minimum wage laws, citing the work of a Black conservative member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, Buzzfeed reported. 
“Jason Riley said in an interview, Did you know before we had minimum wage laws, Black unemployment and white unemployment were the same? If we increase the minimum wage, Black unemployment will skyrocket,” Cruz said during a speech to the Western Williamson County Republican Club in Texas last month. “See, he understands it, but the average Black does not.”
BuzzFeed this past on Tuesday of this week provided five minutes of the Cruz demagoguery. 

“….the black must be educated.”

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Growing White Nationalism And America’s Dying "Exceptionalism"

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The Daily GOP Ignominious: Ron Paul In Defense of Putin And Ukrainian Separartist

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For some reason Ron “Legalize Heroin” Paul is again on the conservative talking-head circuit.  

Life for the rest of this year, or at least until the November Mid-term Elections will be hard to stomach. Sarah Palin is filling the airways with her exclusive brand of Frankenstein Monster drivel. Alan West is filling clean-air with complete insanity on any topic he feels will garner attention. Rick Santorum continues on his anti-gay crusade. Newt Gingrich is fanning the fires of combat between Rand Paul and Chris Christie. I might even have heard Herman Cain may come out of obscurity for a run for the GOP nomination. And, as per our lede above, Paul is on the “Zany Trail” with thought and rhetoric only concoct-able via the mind of Ron Paul.

Before, The Raw Story piece, below, let’s refresh on Dr. Paul.

I probably never used those words, you put those words someplace…”  What? 

Another crack at the whacked out one from Chris Matthews, MSNBC.  Do you think the man could simply answer the questions? Why does he and his some have deep issue with answering questions?

On Paul and Edward Snowden. It should be noted we heard not one word from either Paul after the 2001 commencement of INTEL activities out of the 9/11 attacks. I do not recall any Ron Paul response to the 2006 revelations of  monitoring facilities shared by the NSA and AT&T (in San Francisco).

Yet, a convenient truth regrading US INTEL provided the Ron Paul admirer, Snowden, and the shifty and evasive Paul opportunity to make a flawed political argument.  He argues that he fears for Snowden’s life because the US government might kill him with a cruise missile or drone.  WHAT?

He supports his argument with common Libertarian rhetoric and typical Paul zaniness via positing about the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. Isn’t it amazing conservatives argue for strict interpretation of the Constitution when they wish to advance their positions. When is the last time, and how many times, have you heard an American conservative yelling about the unfulfilled verbiage related to the American Revolution that reads, “All men are created equal?”  

Paul yelps and rants about US extra judicial executions against an American citizen who via the Internet exhorted and recruited potential combatants against the US. His argument by extrapolation also includes US citizens who have journeyed to the war zones to join Al Qaeda and other anti-US militant groups.  Am I to think it wrong for the US military and INTEL agencies to take them out before they are turned into individual carriers and deliverers of ordinance for killing and maiming US citizens? 
Would Paul speak unfavorably if actionable INTEL yielded information that could have prevented Timothy McVeigh’s attack on the Oklahoma City Federal Building? How about actionable INTEL that could have prevented the Boston Marathon Bombing? The perpetrators in both massacres could have been stopped via extra judicial execution. Would you have pushed the button to stop either attack before petitioning a US Court? Yes, Paul’s drivel is hard to take and even harder to understand.

While some can sit for hours and listen to Ron Paul’s sophisms, and zaniness, know the video is a bit long. But, his true flavor is only revealed if you give a few minutes for absorption of his complete mind-blowing gobbledygook.

Ron Paul Worried US  Might Kill Snowden With A Drone.…..

OK, so Paul as a libertarian icon spews wackiness with each public appearance. Therefore, we should not in any way be surprised he has come to the defense of Putin and Ukrainian rebels regarding the death of Malaysian Airlines #17 and the deaths of all aboard. 

MH17: ‘Who Would Benefit The Most?’ – Ron Paul

Paul responds to questions from Newsmax with answers that can only come from his wacky brain. “….who would benefit most?”  

A competent and seriously probing interviewer would have immediately asked Paul: “Well Dr. Paul, who is on record for total glee about shooting down Ukrainian military planes within the past two weeks?” Even the twisted and evasive Paul would be hard pressed to disavow the fact Ukrainian “separatist” and select appointees from Moscow perpetrated the acts of war. Paul doesn’t even allow his mind to venture into an inept mistaken downing of the plane by Putin supported operatives.  Or, quite probably Paul’s love fest with Putin simply blocks him from rational thought regarding the now deceased MH#17 and all aboard. 

‘Who Would Benefit The Most?’

Alas, again we error. We posited from the premise Newsmax is about true journalism. We also failed to recognize delivery of messages, no matter how zany, to conservative viewers means Paul fulfilled his role admirably.

Give The Raw Story (Newsmax) piece a read and watch.

Ron Paul defends Putin over downed Malaysian plane: He’s ‘smarter than that’

By David Edwards Sunday, July 20, 2014 15:40 EDT
Ron Paul speaks to MSNBC

Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) recently defended Russian President Vladimir Putin against critics in the United States who had said that he was complicit in the deaths of nearly 300 people because because Russian weapons were likely used to shoot down a Malaysian Airlines plane. 

“Everybody’s angling to propagandize and make their position known,” Paul told Newsmax on Friday. “So, I think it would be unwise to say, ‘The Russians did or the Ukraine government did it or the rebels did it.’” 

“Who would benefit the most from this? And of course, if it’s blamed on Russia, then of course, the Ukraine government would get the most benefit,” he explained. “Since Russia would have the least benefit, I think Putin is a little bit smarter than that. I don’t think he would ever come close to participating in act like this.”

Read more

Nut Case!


Russia Today Reporter Resigns Due To Truth In Reporting

In CATHERINE THOMPSON, Right-wing media, Sara Firth, The Press Gazette, The Raw Story, TPM LIVEWIRE on July 18, 2014 at 1:10 PM


Despite American right-wing “love of Putin,” we suggest Putin’s leadership in the region is showing signs of Cold War callousness and insanity. When the Russia Today (RT) reporters continue via resignation to extract themselves from Russian propaganda, the world must pay attention. 

Evidence of Putin’s imperialist ambitions and his obvious longing for life akin tot he former Soviet Union, is ever-present and growing. Despite, the Russian leaders ‘dirty skirt”, US conservatives are on record with admiration.

Media Matters

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart captures a few right-wing propagandist while oozing over Putin. We have to remember, these are multi-millionaire media personalities paid handsomely to broadcast against the US president and progressive America. We never heard one complimentary word from the Right regarding Putin during years in which he shared leadership of a nation along with Bush “W.”  Not one word of disparagement!…..

Along with American oozing over the Russian leader, we continue to experience reports for Russian media (outside of Russia) who are separating themselves from reporting they feel is wrong.

“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


A London-based correspondent for state-owned TV network Russia Today resigned Friday to protest the network’s coverage of a Malaysia Airlines plane that was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. 
Reporter Sara Firth told The Press Gazette, a British publication covering journalism news, that RT’s coverage of the crash of MH17 was “the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.”

View image on Twitter
I resigned from RT today. I have huge respect for many in the team, but I’m for the truth.
  1. @ukTanos what am i spreading?
@Polly_Boiko @ukTanos Lies hun. We do work for Putin. We are asked on a daily basis if not to totally ignore then to obscure the truth

Read More

The Raw Story


Firth told Buzzfeed that she resigned because she the felt the Kremlin-funded news channel was trying to pin the blame for the apparent shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on the Ukrainian government. 

“It was the total disregard to the facts. We threw up eyewitness accounts from someone on the ground openly accusing the Ukrainian government, and a correspondent in the studio pulled up a plane crash before that the Ukrainian government had been involved in and said it was ‘worth mentioning’,” Firth explained. “It’s not worth mentioning. It’s Russia Today all over, it’s flirting with that border of overtly lying. You’re not telling a lie, you’re just bringing something up. I didn’t want to watch a story like that, where people have lost loved ones and we’re handling it like that.” 

“I couldn’t do it any more. Every single day we’re lying and finding sexier ways to do it.”

While most on the Right do not have recall beyond last week, I wonder if progressive media will remind the nation of the dangers inherent in Right-wing media and conservative politicians who public admire a dictator while disparaging a US president elected by the majority of voters (twice).

As with Civne Bundy, why does the US Right via its media always fail to align and promulgate on the right side of issues?

"U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!" In San Diego? WOW! Ugly From Coast To Coast!

In "U-S-A U-S-A U-S-A, California, Protesters chant ‘U-S-A’, San Diego, The Raw Story, U-S-A Chant on July 2, 2014 at 10:23 PM

For the past six 
years the Right-wing “U-S-A , U-S-A, U-S-A” Chant has grown to rival the Confederate Army’s “rebel yell.”  The chant more often emanates from high-end baby boomers with the first inkling another is about to speak out against conservative ideology, or is about to step outside of GOP lockstep robotic-ism. The chanters are intolerant of dissent and they react with drowning-out any outside the paradigm acts.
Drowning out dissent has become an existential behavioral reality for American conservatives. They complain the Left is working to force progressive ideology into their “Apple Pie” and “Just hand the football to the referee” paradigm, yet we see far more forced ideology from conservative America and the Right’s tailor-made and patented SCOTUS. 

“U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!” 

If you need an illustration of my point, I offer a classic. Watch as the first Boomers rise to drown-out the town-hall hecklers. Cruz handled himself well and as civil as any professional speaker. Yet, he seemed to relish in the “U-S-A” chant reaped upon the dissenters. For me, he appeared as, “See you guys have unleashed my ravenous dogs.” 

Heckling is the ultimate of rude, especially if one considers the preparation and practice associated with public speaking. However, I see a marked difference in tolerance of hecklers by progressive crowds than reception from conservative crowds (who are without exception white and older).

Published on Aug 21, 2013
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was heckled during an anti-Obamacare event in Dallas, Texas, on Tuesday night. As the senator addressed the crowd, a pair of individuals began chanting: “You have health care, so can we!” 
However, Cruz didn’t criticize them or ignore them. Instead, the Texas Republican thanked the men for “sharing” their views and noted the importance of the First Amendment. He later agreed with them — sort of. 
The men were eventually drowned out by the crowd’s chants of “USA!” 
Number one, I agree with them,” Cruz went on to say of the two hecklers. “They should have health care, and Obamacare is causing more and more people struggling to climb the economic ladder to lose their health care.”
The chant along with a disgusting exhibition of American conservatism manifest today as a organized protest against Border Patrol efforts to move border crashing immigrants from of detention centers. An effort to provide a more humane existence, albeit it temporary, for people who have voluntarily placed themselves into tenuous resettlement predicament was met with an ugly exhibition of Americanism.  While the community was not properly alerted of the immigrant movement (resettlement), resorting to what came across as a racist and nationalist exhibition was simply “ugly.”  Before The Raw Story piece, I must ask…” What if the community was about to receive a bus load of Canadian?”  Of course, it is a false reality because no one form Canada is fighting to migrate to the United States, but the scenario stimuli conjurers images of “no formal protest.”  I will comfortably assert the “U-S-A” Chant would not flow like the Confederate rebel yell. 

Some are saying this is scene not indicative of American values. This is American values! When do we accept that American values are regressing to times long past, and we rare doing nothing to reverse the slide.
The Raw Story

Protesters chant ‘U-S-A’ while blocking buses full of immigrant women and children

By Arturo Garcia Tuesday, July 1, 2014 22:12 EDT
Protesters block buses full of immigrants [KFMB-TV]
More than 100 demonstrators forced buses full of immigrants to be rerouted from Murrieta, California nearly 70 miles south while hurling derisive chants toward them, KFMB-TV reported on Tuesday. 

The protesters chanted “U-S-A, U-S-A,” and “Go back home” at the caravan, which was originally headed to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing facility in Murrieta carrying 140 undocumented immigrants, many of them women and children, who had entered the country after journeying from Central America. Federal officials put them on the buses after they were flown into San Diego from Texas earlier in the day. 

“Send them back to their countries,” one unidentified male protester told KFMB. “Send them back to where they came from.” 

Video Link San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

Fox News: "Bush Was Pretty Much Right About Everything."

In Bush was right on everything!, Fox News, The Raw Story on June 16, 2014 at 8:42 PM

We at the TPI assert Bush was “right” about nothing.  

Fox News this morning reminded of the level to which it appeals to the far less and intellectually competent.

For possibly the first time ever, Fox producers inserted a direct message to conservative sycophants surely meant to assist in improving the Bush Library. Consequently, network producers have expended the zaniest of points to feed people who actually worship George W. Bush. In either case insanity reigns over of Fox.

If you think there are fewer and fewer people who actually worship George W. Bush take a look…..

Edits to maintain privacy despite the page is an Open to Public Facebook page.

Facebook page name deleted
  • …………. Yeah send in Bush to get the job done right !!! Then blame Bush !! Yeah that’s DEMONRAT logic !!!!

  • …………. Lol, love it!!!!!

  • ………….Tactical small nukes should be used immediately to diffuse ISIS although could be our State department is supplying weapons to ISIS.

  • …………..Irony indeed!!

  • COMPLETE EDITS HERE with this guy!

  •  …………..Obama needs someone to blame this one on.
  • …………… I thought it was bit Ironic myself when I saw this  —  a bit if a moral booster as well

  •  ……………You people r crazy, they both blow! You’re going to condone sending troops back to Iraq!!! You people r brain washed idiots!!

  • ……………Loving it.

  • ……………It will be George W. Bush fault if this fail. Help us all!!!
  • …………. Of course, send a REAL President to protect America, no an a ss kisser!

  •  …………That would be a lot of BUSHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •   …………..go bush go

  • …………..Oh the irony, haha.

  • …………..Good one

  • …………..Yes, it is ironic, but deploying ships mean nothing, unless you are actually going to use them. Sending a warship is just an idle threat to the terrorists.

  • ……………That way if something doesn’t go his way he can blame it on a Bush.
  • ……………. Sadly this sounds like a Jeb Bush political ad.
  •  …………….only slightly more dangerous to our enemies than the man himself. I miss having a President with decorum.

  •  …………….It’s calling in the real boys Obama is but a clown on this stage!

  • ……………..(Second post form this war hawk) is the USS Barack Obama gonna be a tender or one of those missile cruisers that stands off a thousand miles, fires missiles based on C&C from elsewhere, and scoots off before things get scary while claiming victory?
  • ……………..Level that POS country, hope obammmmm there when it happens.
  • ……………..MIDDLE of the roader here……… Bush started the mess with the lies of WMD and supposed 911 ties to Saddam. Obama just made it that much worse. How about we stay out of it and let them sort it out themselves?
  • …………….Pounced on Middle of the roader.…….., ur an idiot. where do you think Syria’s WMD’s came from? Gee, give a dictator a years notice about an invasion, send in a corrupt UN arab muslim to do the inspections and SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, nothing to see here.
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  • ………………..he always needs BUSH to blame…haha
  •  ………………..If problems get worse, Obama will blame this Bush
  •  …………..Obama could be the Dingy (The “dingy”)
  • ……………Obama is hiding behind a Bush!!

  • ……………Let send bush in person (OOOps how did that get in there!)
  • …………….No, you need a big boat to evacuate all the Americans to from Iraq. Baghdad 2014 = Saigon 1975
  • ……………..Obama is hiding under his bed

  •  …………….Love this,to bad G.B. isn’t in charge.

  • ……………..I’m pretty sure that o-bama means to scare them into submission, but these guys read the news. They know that Mr Bush has retired.

  • ………………Ovomit is golfing and buying new houses on the tax payers dime. (Oh, this one is really cute!)
  •  ……………..good thing that name is on a ship

  • ………………(At the time of the capture this was the last post) W was a disaster. … In what area was the nation better off in Jan. 2009 than when he took office? His eight years set the table for Obama. The kindest thing that can be said about W is that Gore would have been worse and Obama is worse. 
Now, that we have validated a mere tip of the iceberg on the feeble mindedness of some Bush supporters, what next? What next is exactly what the majority of Fox News viewers seem to abhor, the intellectually inquisitive seek information. Intellectual curiosity feeds the brain. 

After a quick set of points, I will turn this screed over to The Raw Story and complete Fox News (bimbo) idiocy for a like audience.

  • A quick and witty resume of Bush de-complishments (no such word; allow the expedient construct).

  • Bush Vs. Public approval in 2006 and through 2008 (white background relates to recessions, unable to adjust for site background..look close)

Bush approval rating from 2001 to 2006. Notable spikes in his approval rating followed the September 11 attacks, the beginning of the 2003 Iraq conflict, and the capture of Saddam Hussein.
George W. Bush Approval/Disapproval Ratings. Data from Gallup/USA Today poll. approve disapprove unsure The three major spikes in approval ratings are: September 11, 2001 attacks(October, 2001) 2003 invasion of Iraq (20 March 2003) Operation Red Dawn, the capture of Saddam Hussein (13 December 2003)

  • Bush Vs. the US Economy

A well traveled graphic that is simply irrefutable.

Another review with additional trend data related to productivity. Is there any wonder employers do not see the need to hire?  Notice Income disparity starting with Reagan’s trickle-down and after the 9/11 attacks and recession notice Bush trickle-down

Under the Bush economy Manufacturing jobs plummeted while productivity continued an upward trend-line and Bush’s trickle-down reward the Top 20% income earners.

Dow Jones Industrial 2001 – 4/2014

A few indicators of how anti-GOP policy looks.

American households losses including the same fools ranting in the thread above. I personally lost many hundreds of thousands with no prospect of complete recovery.

Household wealth has only recovered about half the $16.4 trillion lost in the Great Recession.
And, in December 2013 The Los Angeles Times published on American households progress towards regaining wealth Bush/Cheney urinated down the history of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • An encore for those who long for the Days of Bush as commander In Chief.
Now, for the screed from The Raw Story with a cast of characters from Fox News. 
Fox News: Iraq violence proves Bush was right about ‘pretty much everything’ (via Raw Story )

A Monday segment on Fox News asserted that President George W. Bush — who invaded Iraq under false pretenses, and then signed the agreement to withdraw all U.S. troops by 2012 — had been right all along because ISIS, an al Qaeda splinter group,…
Graphic from 2006 the New York Times
I say Hail to the current Commander In Chief!

GOP: Anti-LGBT, Anti-Woman, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Minority……And Then They Came For Me!

In Anderson Cooper, CNN, GOP Anti LGBT, LGBT, SF Gate, Talking Points Memo, The Raw Story on June 12, 2014 at 3:54 PM

As we end the week let’s not overlook conservative aversion to and bigotry against the nation’s LGBT community. A week that experienced a GOP congressional leader lose his seat in the House of Representatives. GOP politics leaves yet another mark on US History, as never before has a Congressional Chamber Majority Leader lost their leadership roles via loss of a district primary. 

US conservatives, their political party and right-wing media tug at the fabric of a world of supposed freedom. We know conservative America regarding social matters (GOP party make-up relative to race and ethnicity). It isn’t possible to avoid awareness of the GOP’s “War on Women.” You would have to be locked in a room with no electrical outlets to avoid knowledge of GOP’s aversion to brown-skinned people Latinos who may attempt to enter the US via our southern borders (AKA “Immigration”). As evidenced via our news media (certain media…MSNBC), GOP voter suppression stands as a beacon regarding the party’s concerns for African-Americans. Did I mention GOP concern for African-Americans?  Before you grow irritated and click off the site, check this out….. Mitt Romney GOP Outreach.

If you missed the point of the Mitt Romney link, you really should consider clicking-off the site. What follows may not be of interest to you. You may not have interest in, nor concern about, the GOP “War on the LGBT.”

Rick Perry in San Francisco compares homosexuality to alcoholism.

SF Gate                                                                                                                                                                                Texas Gov. Rick Perry, speaking in San Francisco on Wednesday night, said the U.S. would better serve its diverse population by letting the states handle many economic and social policies, a point he perhaps inadvertently drove home when he compared homosexuality to alcoholism.                                                                                                                                                                  Addressing the Commonwealth Club of California, Perry argued the federal government should give up much of its policy-making power, letting states chart their own courses on issues ranging from business subsidies to abortion. He joked about his frequent habit of luring California companies to Texas and called the competition between the two states healthy for both, as well as the nation.                                                                                                                              (Video bleow via Youtube)
Read more    


Oklahoma candidate OK with stoning gay people?

Talking Points Memo                                                                                      Gkzkcaawsyr9z6wwb5gc                                                                                    CATHERINE THOMPSON – JUNE 11, 2014, 2:33 PM EDT                                                                                           
A Republican candidate for the Oklahoma state House who boasts that he’s looking forward to “applying Biblical principles to Oklahoma law” is okay with gay people being stoned to death — even if he won’t legislate the practice himself.                                                                                                                    , a local news website, surfaced a series of Scott Esk’s Facebook posts in a story published Tuesday. The posts, dated July 2013, cited scripture in response to an article on Pope Francis telling reporters “Who am I to judge gay people?”                                                                                                                “Men were commanded to put guilty parties to death who were guilty of certain acts, like homosexuality,” Esk wrote, according to screenshots archived by the news site.                                                                                                                                                “So just to be clear, you think we should execute homosexuals (presumably by stoning)?” another commenter asked.                                                                                                                             “I think we would be totally in the right to do it,” Esk replied. “That goes against some parts of libertarianism, I realize, and I’m largely libertarian, but ignoring as a nation things that are worthy of death is very remiss.”                                                                                                                                                                                      Asked whether he really believed homosexuality ought to be punishable by stoning, Esk told that he had “huge moral misgivings” about the behavior but had “no plans to re-institute [stoning] in Oklahoma law.”              

Anderson Cooper, CNN, apparently had enough and went about taking to task Texas State legislator, Rep. Bryan Hughes (R). And, Cooper his mission accomplished with precision uncommon in CNN hosts and un-observable in Fox News hosts. 

The Raw Story and the “raw” legislator left from the Cooper interview (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper dismantles TX Republican’s defense of discredited ‘ex-gay therapy’ (via Raw Story )

CNN host Anderson Cooper picked apart a Texas state legislator’s attempt on Wednesday to claim scientists were still debating the discredited gay “reparative” therapy advocated by his party platform, listing a litany of medical groups that have…

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