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Did Putin Know Before Gas Attack? AP Says “Yes”

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After well over a half century of distant relations between the United States and (the Soviet Union) Russia, the following campaign rambling from a total NYC carnival barker caught the attention a nation.  Of course, we had no idea how deeply intertwined are the possibilities of Trump and Russia. Looking back the early signs were actually prophetic. 

Fox News video

Since an uncomfortable number of matters regarding Russia have been discussed and many are still being investigated, let’s now skip forward to last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria.
The AP is reporting Vladimir Putin was well informed of Assad’s intent to use Chemical weapons and he was informed well before the chemicals were released (via bomb).
The AP


WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States has concluded Russia knew in advance of Syria’s chemical weapons attack last week, a senior U.S. official said Monday.

The official said a drone operated by Russians was flying over a hospital as victims of the attack were rushing to get treatment. Hours after the drone left, a Russian-made fighter jet bombed the hospital in what American officials believe was an attempt to cover up the usage of chemical weapons.

The senior official said the U.S. has no proof of Russian involvement in the actual chemical attack in northern Syria.

But the official said the presence of the surveillance drone over the hospital couldn’t have been a coincidence, and that Russia must have known the chemical weapons attack was coming and that victims were seeking treatment. 

The official, who wasn’t authorized to speak publicly on intelligence matters and demanded anonymity, didn’t give precise timing for when the drone was in the area, where more than 80 people were killed. The official also didn’t provide details for the military and intelligence information that form the basis of what the Pentagon now believes.

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Obama Welcomes Syria Deal, Expects Assad Compliance

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US President Barack Obama welcomed the deal reached Saturday to strip Syria of chemical weapons but said much remains to be done and warned Damascus to comply with the accord. In a statement, Obama said that if the regime of Syria’s President Bashar…

Maddow On Putin (VIDEO)

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As Russia, Syria and the United States move closer to an agreement on Syria’s chemical weapons cache, many are positing.  The vast majority in the United States have no interest in a US intervention in Syria, despite Assad’s heinous use of chemical weapons on his own citizens.  There was a time in the United States when such an act would have caused a major revolt to act against the Syrian despot.  
Time passes and our time has been influenced by the corrupted years of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld.  If we add Bush economic failures to our “Bushed-out Syndrome,” it is completely understandable why so many will watch the gassing of people with no thoughts beyond, “it is not our business.”   “It is not our business!”   
While understandable, based on recognition of eight years of Executive Branch GOP malfeasance rooted in self-interest, greed and incompetence, the compassionate mind thinks about the many instances of “It is not our business” ,which have plagued the history of mankind.  
I. Manifest Destiny and associate genocide against tens of millions of Native Original North Americans. 
II. Colonist who had no power to stop, nor inclination to speak out against the creeping slave trade. 
III. German citizens who sat and watched the carting-off of Jews, Jehovah Witness, homosexuals, and minorities (including Gypsies). 
IV. Pol Pot’s killing fields.
V. Genocide in Rwanda (despite a clear intervention in Kosovo: Clinton). 
“…..and we are doomed to repeat history if principled leaders do not stand tall.” 
Thankfully, President Obama, Kerry and Hagel are principled enough to work behind the scenes. Their strategic approach to Syria included public threat to intervene militarily against future use of CW by Assad.  They acted ,despite our whining cries to just ignore it!
Progress is being made. We must always remember, the reality of potential actions if there was a GOP president in the White House.  And, those actions would have ensued two years ago and the actions would have included bombing Syria on behalf of the rebels.  There would have been no “detente.”
Our contempt for standing against Syria also contributed to another dynamic.  We suffered an onslaught of, excuse this, “bullshit” propaganda and misinformation that appeared as part of Syrian or Russian social media mind operations (linked).  I am certain a good bit of the bullshit memes and articles were not of foreign creation; example was the Breibart Dot Com contribution to the bullshit.  The epitome of  sadness related to American acceptance of Assad’s gassing his own citizens appeared as a historic act: Vladamir Putin and Andrew Rosenthal’s, Editor New York Times, OP-Ed. Our report on the matter, here
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC TRMS, opined on the historic event. An event, I truly hope is buried never to return as the “Zombie” act of publishing the insulting OP-ED.
Rachel Maddow ……

Putin misjudged our contempt for war coming out of years of fruitless and unnecessary military action. He significantly misjudged President Obama and his advisers.  He possibly took incessant mouthing from “so-called” experts and pundits about our misguided approach to the problem. He may have believed most Americans buy into political and paid comments against the administration. And, (ultimately)  he misjudged our tendency to rejoin when attacked from a foreign nation. He may have fallen victim to the advice from the US PR firm, Kethcum, in believing such a OP-Ed would leverage unsubstantiated political comment about Obama as “weak.” 

Alas, Putin may continue to hold the Cold War view his country is an international superpower.

High Information: Bill Moyers Dot Com on Syria (From Then to Now)

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Trying to Make Sense of Syria? Here’s Our Essential Reader (via Moyers & Company)

Do you find yourself trying to make sense of the dynamics that led up to Syria’s brutal civil war? Are you struggling to understand the geopolitics of it all in a news environment dominated by quick-and-dirty analysis? Here are some essential reads…

The Dictator and His Email

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Email reveals callousness, lavish living and abuse of power callousness!

Dictator succumbs to electronic use of email and the internet.
Email accounts are as integral to the modern world as the automobile.  As one of the first communications and connection tools of the Internet, the medium remains useful tool and a business necessity for billions, despite the proliferation of more rapid and concise Internet based tools.  Social media has surpassed email as the preferred form on electronic human interaction. We have Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblir, more recent Google +, and many additional ‘fingertip’ media.  All are available for everyday use and used extensively. In fact, ‘fingertip’ media is actually more risky and possibly dangerous than delivering messages via methods employed by people only 40 years ago.  The old time proven method gave the sender an opportunity to instantly correct missed messages, allowed for restricting messages to the few (those that the sender chose to share) and offered opportunity reinforce impact of the message. Let’s face it, if I told you and no one else and now frank knows, we have a problem and the problem is not me.  Electronic media has taken away or reshaped in a negative way each of the aforementioned. 

How many times have you witnessed an email not intended for public tracing back to a sender, revealed in every way.  Yes, recall the sender standing with ‘egg-on-face” attempting to offer false statements of intent and sorrow which some call an apology. Maybe it is a coincidence, but the number of ‘email outings‘ have grown exponentially since President Obama took the Oval Office.  

We have all seen them. From photo-shipped chimpanzee faced family  pictures, to jokes equating the president’s deceased mother to having conceived him with an animal, the email came and the email still come. Another notable example was the email which included a postcard of the White House Lawn completely covered with a ‘Watermelon’ garden. In each case, someone saw the email decided it was inappropriate or vulgar, further decided to reveal the email and its source. While the latter sounds noble, I am not naïve enough not to realize that once such an email hits one’s mailbox an electronic trail has been laid. Their receipt and opening the email soils them almost as much as the originator.  It is almost like being infected with influenza. The flu germs get to you and you have no defense other than inoculation from the disease.  Once the germ (racist) email gets to you and you view it, inoculation can only come from revelation of senders.  Ah, the email carries other dangers.

Consider the person who feels their electronic medium is safely tucked among a small group of chosen viewers.  Next think about those who in powerful positions who are careless enough to use email or Internet accounts when the telephone provides a much more secure medium. 

The dictator of Syria, his wife and small circle of privileged have fallen to the revelations of their callous use to email and Internet accounts. The Guardian.UK has published the exclusive results of intercepted email (or so they say, intercepted) which will add fuel to the fires of revolt and oppression burning in Syria. 

The Guardian
Messages show Bashar al-Assad took advice from Iran 
• Leader made light of promised reforms
• Wife spent thousands on jewelry and furniture
Article excerpts…. 

The messages, which have been obtained by the Guardian, are said to have been intercepted bymembers of the opposition Supreme Council of the Revolution group between June and early February. 
  …..paint a portrait of a first family remarkably insulated from the mounting crisis and continuing to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.
They appear to show the president’s wife spending thousands of dollars over the Internet for designer goods while he swaps entertaining Internet links on his iPad and downloads music from iTunes. 
As the world watched in horror at the brutal suppression of protests across the country and many Syrians faced food shortages and other hardships, Mrs Assad spent more than £10,000 on candlesticks, tables and chandeliers from Paris and instructed an aide to order a fondue set from Amazon. 
Assad made light of reforms he had promised in an attempt to defuse the crisis, referring to “rubbish laws of parties, elections, media”. 
The article also includes comment about activists who claim to have intercepted the email and Internet activity, and it also a links to an article with details how the email came to be revealed.
It seems the Assad regime has a firm hold on Syria and is able to successfully beat-down the Syrian revolt.  He is able to do so to date. Revelations such as those included in the email and his circle’s Internet activity are sure to have some impact on relations with nations who provide metaphoric political sanctuary for Assad’s brutal repression of the desires of Syria’s citizens.
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