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The Daily GOP Ignominious: No More National Parks?

In Eric Cantor, John Boehner, President Obama on March 21, 2014 at 3:09 PM

Do you have any empathy for decreasing swaths of US geography that we can truly call pristine? If you are a conservative and say yes, be very careful others in your party and some who share your ideology may sense that empathy. It seems your political representatives in the US Congress don’t share your environmental concern. 

If you think I am being persnickety and typically liberal, read on.

Think Progress-Climate

Obama Creates New National Monument


Obama Creates New National Monument


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Mendocino Coast, California.

Mendocino Coast, California. CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK

On Tuesday, President Obama held a ceremony at the White House to announce his use of executive authority to expand the California Coastal National Monument (CCNM) to include the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands on the Mendocino Coast. This is the first land-based addition to the CCNM and permanently protects more than 1,660 acres of beach, bluffs, and the Garcia River estuary. The area is home to rare and endangered species such as coho salmon, steelhead, the Point Arena mountain beaver, and the Behren’s silverspot butterfly. The Mendocino Coast of California was recently picked for the number 3 spot in the New York Times “52 Places to Go in 2014.”

The president’s exercised executive authority to preserve what amounts to a modicum of our national geography while protecting species from encroachment by human beings. We should look to doing more to preserve the Earth for people who will live as Earth’s denizens long after our spirits have departed on last journeys to a spiritual haven (spelling intentional) or to the depths of a fiery perpetual tortuous realm. 

American power brokers, corporatist, and uncaring conservative politicians cannot possibly care less about our environment and protection of specifies that live precariously at the whims of human beings.

I suppose by now you know what comes next. Have you ever heard of early GOP obstruction to the Obama Administration: simply called “The party of NO?” We really had no idea early “party of No” was the genesis of today’s Universe “Big Bang,” obstruction.  

Within the week John Boehner and Eric Cantor’s Tea party House of Oz moved to smack the president’s hand.  The House leaders continue to practice silly legislative “marbles” while the same period found the party leaders doing this to our long-term unemployed: MSNBC, CBS.  

Your Tea Party has taken a short break from frivolous repeal ACA votes (at cumulative cost of plus $81.6 million USD). Herewith is the latest anti-Obama legislation and it is a real doozy.  

Think Progress-Climate

House To Vote On Controversial ‘No More National Parks’ Policy

House To Vote On Controversial ‘No More National Parks’ Policy


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National Parks

Responding to President Obama’s decision last week to protect a stretch of California’s Coast near Point Arena as a new national monument, the House of Representatives is planning to vote next week to overturn a 108 year-old law that presidents of both parties have used to protect iconic American places, including the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, and Arches National Park.

The bill, H.R. 1459, aims to block presidents from using the Antiquities Act of 1906 to establish new national monuments by putting caps on how many times it can be used, requiring congressional review of proposed monuments, and forcing local communities to engage in an ironic exercise of reviewing the environmental impacts of protecting lands for future generations.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT), criticized President Obama’s use of the Antiquities Act to expand the California Coastal Monument last week as an end-run around Congress. “In other words, the House was punked by the President,” said Bishop.

However, despite arguments from Bishop and Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) that Congress should hold exclusive power to decide whether or not to protect public lands, the House has effectively shut down all legislative efforts to protect wilderness, parks and monuments since the Tea Party takeover in 2010.

Question. Did you actually vote for these people to facilitate legislative performance at the lowest level of relevance and most asinine in US History? We understand your hatred of President Obama. We understand your deeply inbred social paradigm. We realize you are not concerned with the plight of the nation’s poor and less financially fortunate. You are showing your admiration for Vladimir Putin has resurfaced and in full blossom. And, your Tea Party House has gone insane with obstruction. Yet, we do not understand why are there any issues with efforts to preserve pristine geographic regions?


Minimum Wage…Time For A Change!

In GOP, John Boehner, Republicans on December 14, 2013 at 2:19 PM

While wealth has a relationship to the health of the nation and a special relationship to regions of the country, it also is worth watching to see where wealth is most absent. In more simple terms, if you look at an illustration of wealth you will also find a visual of poverty. While the federal minimum wage isn’t a guaranteed stairway of out poverty, the higher hourly rate will offer opportunity to equal of surpass the establish poverty level.

Federal Minimum Wage $7.25 per hour X theoretical 2080 annual work hours (40 hour week times 52 weeks) = $15,080 per year. 

Of course, many low wage earners do not have the opportunity and privilege to work a full 40 our work week. Perspective on $15,080 on the high side for the wager earner?  If the worker is single and believe with Mom and Dad the annual $15,080 may work very well. Once the unmarried worker moves family-life, the scenario worsens exponentially.

The Institute for Research and Poverty- University Wisconsin- Madison
What are poverty thresholds and poverty guidelines?

Values of the poverty thresholds for the years since 1980 for families of different sizes are available on the Census Bureau’s website. The most recent values of the poverty thresholds are provided in the table below. For example, a four-person family with two adults and two children is poor with annual cash income below $23,283; the threshold for a four-person family with a single parent and three children is $23,364.

U.S. Census Bureau Poverty Thresholds, 2012
Size of Family Unit Poverty Threshold
One person (unrelated individual) $11,720
  Under age 65 11,945
  Age 65 or older 11,011
Two people 14,937
  Householder under age 65 15,450
  Householder age 65 or older 13,892
Three people 18,284
Four people 23,492
Five people 27,827
Six people 31,471
Seven people 35,743
Eight people 39,688
Nine people or more 47,297
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Weighted 

Sadly, the older worker who must supplement low Social Security payments if they lived a life of a low income earner. A part-time job is probably a requirement unless there worker has significant other with social Security payments. Pre-65 years old are relegated to overwhelming poverty, or they are forced to work two or more jobs. For the pre-65 years old minimum wage working family, everybody works. 

We would be remiss if we did not state many states have state minimum wage rates that exceed the federal wage rate.  

Despite a fairly common dissing of, or dismissive, towards, WIKI, we occasionally find it a useful information source. A review of poverty by state is easily accomplished via Wiki and the data seems accurate. Moreover, the data is source linked.

List of U.S. states by poverty rate

Map of poverty rate in the United States in 2008.




This article is a list of the 50 United States of America (U.S.) states, also including the District of Columbia, ordered by poverty rate. 2009 statistics are not identical to official poverty rates because they include children not counted in the official numbers (see Revised Tables link below). Supplemental Poverty Measure takes into account differences in cost of living between states (i.e. housing costs appreciably higher/lower than the national average). All data are from the United States Census Bureau.

This Wiki link navigates  to table that speaks volumes about poverty; where it exist, to what extent it exists and the data is ranked 1 – 50 states.  We ask that you pay close attention to the lowest 39 – 50 impoverished states and the top 1 – 20 states with the lowest poverty rate. Looks like a tabled map of the GOP. The table is “quick view” illustrated via the map above.

The rational mind recognizes geographic regions that consistently support the GOP suffer the most poverty. If we take that last statement to a very basic splurge of logic, we might come to the conclusion the lowest 50 states in the table would have the highest need for a minimum wage above $7.25 per hour. 

Of course, raising the minimum wage would induce instant heartburn among the majority of American corporatist; thus the GOP’s lack of interest in raising the rate. The Republicans are so averse to any conditions that impact the revenue streams of big business, they saddle their loyal constituents with permanent blankets of poverty. Contributions from Big Business obvious outweighs GOP concern for their constituents. The GOP may have surveyed into the prospect, people who suffer from stifling poverty may not actually exist as vote risks. We wonder if they comprise the 40% of voters who never vote in elections (General, mid-term or local). 

Quick hits on the Minimum wage experience in America. do not fret, we have also found race related information as we review the Minimum Wage. It appears many authorities look at minimum wage without looking at the fact minorities are disproportionately affected by the minimum wage.

  Thumbnail image for BLS_Minimum_Wage_Education.PNG
Women's Share of Low-Wage and Overall Workforces
Women Gain Low-Income Jobs

In 2012, the 73.5 million US workers age 16 and older hourly paid employees represented 59.0% of all wage and salaried employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 3.6 million of those workers earn at the prevail federal  minimum  wage rate ($7.25 per hour) or less. 

A few BLS minimum wage facts:

  • Minimum wage workers tend to be young. Although workers under age 25 represented only about one-fifth of hourly paid workers, they made up about half of those paid the Federal minimum wage or less. Among employed teenagers paid by the hour, about 21 percent earned the minimum wage or less, compared with about 3 percent of workers age 25 and over. (See table 1 and table 7.) 
  • In 2012, 6 percent of women paid hourly rates had wages at or below the prevailing federal minimum, compared with about 3 percent of men. (See table 1.) 
  • About 5 percent of White, Black, and Hispanic or Latino hourly paid workers earned the federal minimum wage or less. Among Asian workers paid at hourly rates, about 3 percent earned the minimum wage or less. (See table 1.) 
  • Among hourly paid workers age 16 and over, about 10 percent of those who had less than a high school diploma earned the federal minimum wage or less, compared with about 4 percent of those who had a high school diploma (with no college) and about 2 percent of college graduates. (See table 6.) 
  • Never-married workers, who tend to be young, were more likely than married workers to earn the federal minimum wage or less (about 8 percent versus about 2 percent). (See table 8.) 
  • About 11 percent of part-time workers (persons who usually work less than 35 hours per week) were paid the federal minimum wage or less, compared with about 2 percent of full-time workers. (See table 1 and table 9.)
  • By major occupational group, the highest proportion of hourly paid workers earning at or below the federal minimum wage was in service occupations, at about 12 percent. About three-fifths of workers earning the minimum wage or less in 2012 were employed in service occupations, mostly in food preparation and serving related jobs. (See table 4.)  
  • The industry with the highest proportion of workers with hourly wages at or below the federal minimum wage was leisure and hospitality (about 19 percent). About half of all workers paid at or below the federal minimum wage were employed in this industry, the vast majority in restaurants and other food services. For many of these workers, tips and commissions supplement the hourly wages received. (See table 5.) 
  • The states with the highest proportions of hourly paid workers earning at or below the federal minimum wage were Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, and Idaho (all between 7 and 8 percent). The states with the lowest percentages of hourly paid workers earning at or below the federal minimum wage were Alaska, Oregon, California, Montana, and Washington (all under 2 percent). It should be noted that some states have minimum wage laws establishing standards that exceed the federal minimum wage. (See table 2 and table 3.) 
  • The proportion of hourly paid workers earning the prevailing federal minimum wage or less declined from 5.2 percent in 2011 to 4.7 percent in 2012. This remains well below the figure of 13.4 percent in 1979, when data were first collected on a regular basis. (See table 10.) 
  • The rational person would think the public is not only aware of the need for consideration of raising the Minimum Wage, one might also believe we are educated on the issue. Well, according to the following set of information, we (as a nation) are not aware of Minimum Wage as an issue. 


    Published on Nov 20, 2012

    Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

    As surely as most in the nation know the $7.25 per hour Minimum Wage is inhumanely low, there are some who refuse to even acknowledge the issue. Here is a prime example: John Boehner.  While we are here let’s at the tip of the abscess of GOP Congressional obstruction: John Boehner

    Of course, Boehner is a GOP Leader in Congress and serves as the visible part of the infection. The following table clearly illustrates the remainder of the GOP infection among the GOP and American conservatives as the infection relations to the Minimum Wage. The chart also suggests survey respondents could not have included many Americans who were considered in the charts at the top of this piece.


    US conservatism and the Republican Party has proven they are not good managers of the US economy.

    Many have continued to nurture affinity for supply-side (Trickle-down) economics with no regard for its earth-shattering failure since Ronald Reagan and his team first uttered the words.  They relish the reality of supply-side as it actually trickles-up not down. Yet, consideration of increasing the minimum wage is tantamount to stopping GOP voter suppression and their so obvious war on women.

    Was Boehner’s ACA Sign-up A Sign of Surrender? Or A Ploy That Failed?

    In ACA, John Boehner, Obamacare, TPM on November 23, 2013 at 9:18 PM

    Boehner signs-up for the ACA

    Freak Out Nation 

    John Boehner could have enrolled in Obamacare even faster but there was one problem: John Boehner

    November 23, 2013


    It was about an hour after House Speaker John Boehner’s office said he couldn’t sign up for Obamacare coverage on the District of Columbia’s exchange, that his office said, he had officially enrolled on Thursday.
    As it happens, it wouldn’t have taken him even that long if it weren’t for one thing standing in his way: John Boehner.

    Boehner, apparently exhibiting a public display of frustration while trying to enroll on the DC site, tweeted out his dismay (or joy, however you want to look at it.)

    Scott MacFarlane, a reporter for the local NBC affiliate in Washington, reports that a DC Health Care exchange representative actually tried to contact Boehner by phone during the enrollment process but was put on hold for 35 minutes, after which time the representative finally hung up, Josh Marshall of TPM reports.

    DC health exchange spokesman says Speaker Boehner office kept DC representative on hold 35 minutes, “lots of patriotic hold music”, hung up
    Foiled again! Yes if it had not been for that new tech-invention called a ‘telephone’, which takes a lot of time to learn to navigate, John Boehner would have been able to enroll even faster. 
    Big thanks to a friend of FreakOutNation’s @Mea-Mark who you can follow on Twitter here. 

    Image: DKo 
    Boehner’s escapade was in fact a ploy, that backfired! Boehner’s website, “My attempt to sign-up for health care.”

    While Boehner attempts a personal war 
    against the ACA, the ACA moves on. The White House staff has published an informative report of Progressive and (to-date) outcomes related to trends in healthcare with a and emphasis on the impact of the ACA.
    White House Dot Gov “Trends In HealthCare Report…” (full pdf report linked via title below)


    White House Council Of Economic Advisers Report
    Introduction and Summary 

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed against a backdrop of decades of rapid growth in health care spending in the United States. While much of this historical increase reflects the development of new treatments that have greatly improved health and well-being (Cutler 2004), there is widespread agreement that the system suffered from serious inefficiencies that increased costs and reduced the quality of care that patients receive. A key goal of the ACA was to begin wringing these inefficiencies out of the health care system, simultaneously reducing the growth of health care spending – and its burden on families, employers, and state and federal budgets – while increasing the quality of the care delivered. 

    This report analyzes recent trends in health care costs, the forces driving those trends, and their likely economic benefits. The report includes the following findings about recent trends: 
    • Health care spending growth is the lowest on record. According to the most recent projections, real per capita health care spending has grown at an estimated average annual rate of just 1.3 percent over the three years since 2010. This is the lowest rate on record for any three-year period and less than one-third the long-term historical average stretching back to 1965.  
    • Health care price inflation is at its lowest rate in 50 years. Recent years have also seen exceptionally slow growth in the growth of prices in the health care sector, in addition to total spending. Measured using personal consumption expenditure price indices, health care inflation is currently running at just 1 percent on a year-over-year basis, the lowest level since January 1962. (Health care inflation measured using the medical CPI is at levels not seen since September 1972.)  
    • Recent slow growth in health care spending has substantially improved the long-term Federal budget outlook. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has reduced its projections of future Medicare and Medicaid spending in 2020 by $147 billion (0.6 percent of GDP) since August 2010. This represents about a 10 percent reduction in projected spending on these programs. These revisions primarily reflect the recent slow growth in health care spending. 
    While the causes of the slowdown are not yet fully understood, the evidence available to date supports several conclusions about the slowdown and the role of the ACA: 
    • The slowdown in health care cost growth is more than just an artifact of the 2007-2009 recession: something has changed. The fact that the health cost slowdown has persisted so long even as the economy is recovering, the fact that it is reflected in health care prices – not just utilization or coverage, and the fact that it has also shown up in Medicare – which is more insulated from economic trends, all imply that the current slowdown is the result of more than just the recession and its aftermath. Rather, the slowdown appears to reflect “structural” changes in the United States health care system, a conclusion consistent with a substantial body of recent research. 

    • The ACA is contributing to the recent slow growth in health care prices and spending and is improving quality of care. ACA provisions that reduce Medicare overpayments to private insurers and medical providers are contributing to the recent slow growth in health care prices and spending. In addition, ACA reforms that aim to improve the quality of care are reducing hospital readmission rates and increasing provider participation in payment models designed to promote high-quality, integrated care.  
    • New economic research shows that the ACA’s Medicare reforms are likely to reduce health care spending and improve quality system-wide. Recent research implies that reforms to Medicare will have “spillover effects” that reduce costs and improve quality system-wide. In economic terms, this suggests that efforts to reform Medicare’s payment system are “public goods.”  
    • Accounting for “spillovers” implies that the ACA’s effect on health care price inflation may be much larger than previously understood. The direct effect of ACA provisions that reduce Medicare overpayments to private insurers and medical providers has been to reduce health care price inflation by an estimated 0.2 percent per year since 2010. 

    Accounting for the “spillover effects” discussed above raises this estimate to 0.5 percent per year, which represents a substantial fraction of the recent slowdown. 

    Slow growth in health care costs, thanks in part to the ACA, is likely to have substantial benefits for the Nation’s economy in both the short-run and the long-run: 
    • In the short run, slower growth in health spending is a positive for employment. The slow growth in health care costs has reduced employers’ benefit costs, increasing firms’ incentives to hire additional workers. Available estimates suggest these gains could be substantial, although the magnitude is uncertain. 

    • Over the long run, slower growth in health spending translates directly into higher wages and living standards. If half the recent slowdown in spending can be sustained, health care spending a decade from now will be about $1,400 per person lower than if growth returned to its 2000-2007 trend, a benefit that workers will realize in the form of higher wages and that federal and state governments will realize as lower costs.  

     • CBO estimates that the ACA will substantially reduce long-term deficits. In large part because of the ACA’s role in slowing the growth of health care spending, CBO estimates that the ACA will reduce deficits by about $100 billion over the coming decade and by an average of 0.5 percent of GDP ($83 billion per year in today’s economy) over the following decade. These deficit savings are likely to grow over time and are separate from the revisions in CBO’s Medicare and Medicaid spending projections that were discussed on the last page (which are not directly attributable to the ACA).

    If the Affordable Care Act receives a necessary boost from a properly functioning website, the GOP may lose its battle against Obama’s signature legislation. The party on the right may also lose it only 2014 campaign issue.
    Of course, that would mean a steady diet of ” Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.” 

    The Speaker of the House (Tea Party Hostage)

    In Commentaries On The Times, Constitution, John Boehner, Playthell G. Benjamin on October 7, 2013 at 8:49 AM

    The speaker of the House of Representatives is third in line in ascendancy to the United States Presidency. The position follows the Vice-President and is a powerful non-Executive Branch position. I should say the Speaker of the House should be a powerful position that is critical to the nation. If tragedy strikes the president and vice-president the Speaker becomes president.

    The Speaker of the House has a compensation level of $223,500 per year; $50,000 more than other members of Congress ($174,000) and $30,000 more than House and Senate Majority leader positions ($193,400). While, not a matter of discussion, nor an issue we actually care to posit on in this screed,the position probably carries a wealth (excuse the pun) of opportunity for other remuneration.  It is a position the in which the current Speaker is both failing miserably and a position he may dread the thought of losing.

    The framers of the Constitution, unfortunately, developed a system of federal governance that carried the right of ascendancy to the speaker position as a reward (my colloquialism)  for holding a party majority in the House of Representatives.

    Of course, each speaker has a history of party lean and loyalty. However, history also has archived Speakers who did the right thing, when time came to step out of party ideology and lock-step with outside influences (money-backers).

    Re-Blog from ………. Playthell  G. Benjamin


    The Worst House Speaker Ever?

    John Boehnoer
    A Reckless Charlatan
     Boehner’s Name will live in Infamy!
    Based on the most recent polls the Congress of the United States has a 10% approval rating from the public.  This is the lowest rating on record!  And that was before the Republicans shut down the federal government in a fit of rage, much like a spoiled child who throws a temper tantrum when they can’t get their way.  Only much more is at stake in this tantrum, for the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

    The path the GOP – Grand Obstructionist Party – is taking could well cost lives among the population for whom government benefits are a lifeline.  People such as a mother in Utah – a white American mind you – who explained on MSNBC today that without a special formula her twin babies could die, because it would cost her $750.00 to get it otherwise….and she can’t afford it!

    These kinds of stories abound.  There are, for instance, nearly a million civil service workers, people who provide vital services to the American people, that have been locked out of their jobs.  And what is worse several Republican members of the House, the scoundrels who caused this crisis, are now saying that they are not sure whether they will vote to pay these workers for their forced layoff!   This is not only reckless and stupid, it is amoral and evil.   The path the Republicans have chosen is a classic example of folly…in fact it is not too much to say it is criminal folly.

    In this instance I am not employing the term “folly” in the usual sense, which the dictionary defines as “a thoughtless or reckless act,” although it certainly meets this definition, but in the seas passing a budget to fund the lawful activities of the of the federal government, and raising the debt ceiling, to re-litigate policy issues that they failed to achieve through the normal process.  In other words, since they were not able to achieve their policy objectives by electing like-minded people they are now trying to force their will on the nation by shutting down our national government altogether.

    As is often the case when governments engage in folly it eventually leads to tragedy.  And that is where we are presently headed at break neck speed.  Already poor children who depend upon food stamps, surplus government foods, hot meals at school, and community food pantry’s are going hungry as I write.  And needless to say, while this crisis affects millions of Americans of all races the victims of this Republican folly are disproportionately black…especially women and children.

    It is critically important that working and middle class Americans understand what is happening here, because the Tea Party Republicans who are driving the GOP’s legislative agenda are full blown anti-government fanatics who feel that they are on a mission to drastically reduce the federal budget by any means necessary, and they are supported by the voters in their specially designed right-wing Congressional Districts.  There is nothing more dangerous than a group of self-righteous fanatics on a mission.

    The extent of their fanaticism is such that these people not only refuse to compromise, they are so reckless they cannot even accept partial victories.   Like all fanatics, whether motivated by sacred or secular ideologies, they want all or nothing and appear quite willing to cut off their nose to spite their face.

    President’s original budget request for 2014 was over one trillion dollars, but the Senate Democrats, with the President’s consent have reduced it to almost half that sum in the present budget to a little over 900 billion dollars in an attempt to compromise with the House Republicans in order to pass a budget and fund the government.  The figure they agreed to is actually close to the numbers in the budget proposed by Paul Ryan, which President Obama ran against and won!

    Yet although President Obama was reelected on his platform the Republicans in the House, most of whom represent gerrymandered districts – which is to say “safe” Republican districts created by election commissions appointed by the Republican governors in those states, many of whom were elected because they pledged to fight President Obama’s policies.   So they are insulated from the wrath of the national electorate.

    This bit of political chicanery has resulted in a situation where the radical far right-wing minority in the Grand Obstructionists Party can blow up the federal government and plunge the nation into one crisis after another without fear of retribution at the polls.   But as their folly in shutting down the Federal government begins to inconvenience citizens who are on holiday in Washington and find national monuments – like the World War II veterans who made a pilgrimage to that sacred shrine honoring their sacrifice and found it closed.

    This is why the Republican iconoclasts are attempting to restore funding to select parts of the government to avoid enraging the public; but President Obama will not play that game, he knows that it is folly to try and finance government operations on an ala carte basis.  The Republicans – shameless charlatans that they are – are now running around posing for pictures with the vets and declaring themselves the true friends of the armed forces, although they have recently cut millions in funding for veteran’s benefits from the federal budget.

    With all of the chaos the government shutdown is causing, which is damaging to the nation and might fatally injure the Republican Party’s chances at winning the Presidency, the question all thoughtful people are asking is: Why doesn’t Boehner just pit the budget resolution on the floor for a vote by the entire House and end the crisis the members of his caucus created.

    The answer alas, is that Boehner is a man who privileges personal ambition over the stability of the nation, because he knows that should he put the bill up and it

    er: Johnny and Nancy
    John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi
    Contemplating their place in History?
    Playthell  G. Benjamin
    October 3, 2013
    Harlem, New York

    Open Secrets: The Dissident 20 Part II…GOP House Is Not Showing So Well!

    In Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Wall Street on October 4, 2013 at 8:35 PM

    Our preferred internet site, Open Secrets, The Center for Responsive Politics, garnered serious attention over the past 24 hours with an article related to how 20 dissident GOP legislators are receiving disparate treatment from GOP House leadership.

    Here is how we reported the Open Secrets piece. 

    Open Secrets….
    Facebook Open Secrets 

    We’ve been asked many times in the past 24 hours (since we published this story:, “who actually funds the 20 House dissidents?” We were curious too, so we ran the numbers, and discovered some interesting answers.

    Who Does Fund the Dissidents? – OpenSecrets

    Yesterday we showed that the biggest thorns in the Republican leadership’s side weren’t getting leadership donations. So who is funding them? Don’t look to Wall Street.


    Who Does Fund the Dissidents?

    Yesterday, we established that the 20 dissident Republican House members that the New York Times has branded as being some of the loudest rabble-rousers — on the shutdown and other issues — have little financial reason to heed the demands of their party’s leadership; they don’t receive much campaign money from top GOP House members or from the party’s fundraising arm, the National Republican Congressional Committee.

    In a town where money handed out to other members helps create alliances and builds a party leader’s machine, these 20 owe Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his No. 2 Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) very little. 

    So if it’s not the party leadership in Washington keeping the dissidents’ campaign coffers full, who is it? 

    A top source of campaign cash for Republicans overall in recent years has been the securities and investment industry — Wall Street. In 2012, this industry gave more to candidates than any other except one, and 69 percent of its money went to Republicans. 
    And Wall Street is, by far and away, the top source of campaign cash for the Republican House leadership. In 2012, Boehner’s campaign and leadership PAC received $1.6 million from the industry; the industry that came in second (oil and gas) only gave about half that. (This excludes the catch-all industry of “retired.”) 
    In the first half of 2014, securities and investment gave Boehner’s campaign and leadership PAC about $530,000 and continues to lead his top industries list. Like Boehner, Cantor also received more from that industry than any other — about $466,000 sent to his campaign committee and leadership PAC. 

    In 2012, the industry gave 239 House Republican candidates about $16 million, or, on average $67,175 apiece. 

    So, what about our dissidents? Nineteen of the 20 received money from the industry in 2012 — Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) is the only one who’s come up dry, according to our data — but on average only received $20,618. That’s less than a third of the House GOP average from Wall Street. 

    Similarly, so far in 2014, the industry has helped fund 182 Republican House candidates; the average, per recipient, is $17,078. Seventeen of the 20 dissidents have received contributions from Wall Street, but they’re averaging only $2,985. Not only is that far below the industry’s average to their peers, it’s even well behind the average amount given to Democratic recipients — about $11,963. 
    So, if it’s not leadership funding these 20 dissidents and it’s not the House Republicans’ biggest source of campaign cash, who is it? 
    According to a CRP analysis, the top donors industries for these 20 don’t vary widely from the list of top industries giving to Republicans in general. But the average amount given does seem to. The oil and gas industry has given 192 House Republicans campaign cash in 2013, on average about $17,500 apiece. Most of the 20 dissidents have gotten money from the industry as well, but, on average, only about $11,500 each. 
    The trend appears to be that, by and large, these 20 dissidents are simply raising less money than their colleagues. 
    According to CRP data, Republican House members have raised an average of $331,000 in campaign funds so far this year. A review of these 20 dissidents shows that, on average, they have raised $301,000. The group includes Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.), who is running for Senate in 2014; he’s raised about $1.1 million so far this year. Excluding Gingrey from the pool, because fundraising levels for Senate candidates are often much higher than for their House colleagues, the remaining 19 have brought in, on average, $259,000. 
    It may be months before data showing whatever funds members of Congress are raising this week is available, but — at least through the first six months of the year — these 20 dissidents seem to be lagging behind when it comes to fundraising. 

    Follow Russ on Twitter: @russchoma
    Images: Boehner and Cantor on Capitol Hill this week. Evan Vucci/Associated Press.

    The Dissident 20…An Anomaly? (Look At Dissident Politics GOP Style)

    In Boehner, John Boehner, Open Secrets on October 3, 2013 at 10:28 PM

    Re-Blog from Open Secrets Dot Org.   

    It appears Cantor and company spend far more time parsing out the loot than legislating!

    Dissidents Haven’t Seen the $ Love from Boehner, Cantor

    A new Center for Responsive Politics analysis shows that the House Republican leadership has raised an extraordinary amount of money so far this year and given it out to other House members at record rates. 


    So, if money is the great pacifier on Capitol Hill, why can’t Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) and his No. 2, Majority Leader Eric Cantor(R-Va.) snap their caucus in line, on the government shutdown or on other matters?

    Maybe because the hardcore dissidents in the Republican caucus get almost no money from the leadership. Boehner can’t pull strings he hasn’t tied.

    Yesterday, the New York Times identified 20 Republican House members “standing their ground” against Boehner, dissidents who have been a consistent thorn in Boehner’s side and who seem to be pushing the current shutdown. 

    We analyzed how much money those 20 have received from the leadership PACs of top Republicans in the House and how much assistance they were given in the 2012 election by the National Republican Congressional Conference. 
    According to data, there’s been almost no money going to these 20 from top party leaders, and most were elected without any help from the NRCC. In other words, they don’t owe party leadership much.

    That fact is particularly striking because in the first six months of 2013, Cantor gave away $875,000 to other candidates through his leadership PAC, ERIC PAC. That’s a record: No leadership PAC has ever given as much to candidates in the first six months of an election cycle. So far in the 2014 cycle, ERIC PAC has given money to 122 other House Republicans, but only eight members of the group of dissidents have received any cash from Cantor this cycle. Altogether those eight received $55,000 from Cantor’s PAC. (A full list of donations from Cantor and other members of the leadership to the 20 is below.)

    Boehner, whose leadership PAC, the Freedom Project, has given out $213,000 to 39 candidates this cycle, gave to just one member of this group of 20: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who received $5,000. 

    The other top members of the House Republican leadership follow the same pattern. House Majority Whip Kevin McCartthy (R-Calif.) has given just $7,500 combined to two of the 20 (his leadership PAC has given a total of $155,000 to 38 members). Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) has given $71,000 to other candidates this cycle, but no money to these 20.

    No Help From the Party

    Leadership PACs aren’t the only tool for creating financial ties that help ensure a member’s loyalty. The GOP party committee for the House plays a major role, and while Cantor gives an unprecedented amount of money directly to other candidates, Boehner gives far more — at least $2.3 million in the first six months of the year — to the NRCC, which then uses it to help candidates directly.

    But there are even fewer ties between the NRCC and these 20 Republicans. NRCC contributions to candidates in the 2012 and 2014 cycles combined come to roughly $460,000 combined, so far. The amount that went to any of these 20 Republicans? $5,300. 

    The NRCC’s current chairman, Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) has not given any of the 20 a dime from his leadership PAC in either the 2012 cycle or the current one.

    Nor did the NRCC knock itself out making independent expenditures on behalf of the 20 in the 2012 cycle. While it spent $62.7 million in 59 races, it helped just one member of the dissident faction, according to data: Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who benefited from about $521,000 in NRCC-paid ads, mostly attacking his Democratic opponent. 

    In his bid last fall, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.), received some very minor assistance from YG Network, a politically active nonprofit associated with Cantor, which spent $12,966 supporting him. 
    Donations from NRCC & Republican House Leadership

    Name Total NRCC Boehner Cantor McCarthy Roskam Walden
    Graves, Tom $5,000 $0 $0 $0 $5,000 $0 $0
    Labrador, Raul $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Amash, Justin $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Duncan, Jeff $7,500 $0 $0 $5,000 $2,500 $0 $0
    Mulvaney, Mick $5,000 $0 $0 $5,000 $0 $0 $0
    Culberson, John $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    DeSantis, Ron $5,000 $0 $0 $5,000 $0 $0 $0
    Yoho, Ted $10,000 $0 $0 $10,000 $0 $0 $0
    King, Steven A $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Massie, Thomas $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Bridenstine, James $10,000 $0 $0 $10,000 $0 $0 $0
    Salmon, Matt $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Schweikert, David $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Gohmert, Louis B Jr $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Huelskamp, Tim $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Bachmann, Michele $5,000 $0 $0 $5,000 $0 $0 $0
    Jordan, Jim $5,000 $0 $5,000 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Stockman, Steve $5,000 $0 $0 $5,000 $0 $0 $0
    Fleming, John $10,000 $0 $0 $10,000 $0 $0 $0
    Gingrey, Phil $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
    Follow Russ on Twitter: @russchoma

    Images: Boehner on Capitol Hill today. J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press.

    Boehner, Why Even Make A Comment?

    In Eric Cantor, FreakOutNation, John Boehner, President Obama, The Progressive Influence on October 1, 2013 at 3:14 PM


    Last night before retiring for the day and after watching the ultimate bully move from the GOP,  I witnessed the ridiculous. John Boehner came out around 2 AM and placed a cap on my bottle of “CONTEMPT FOR THE GOP” Caffeinated. 

    After being asked about the 800,000 people who will be furlough as a result of the GOP action, Boehner barked a talking-point refrain and walked off.  As you watch the clip, pay close attention to the lecherous Eric Cantor. Cantor appears to be chopping at the bit to see Boehner tumble from his speaker of the House position. Of Course, “tea party” Cantor would quickly win the vote to replace Boehner. With leeches like Cantor standing near, one surely needs the Orkin (TM) Man. 

    FreakoutNation reminds us the grinning Cantor was one of the seditious group who met and plotted obstruction strategies on the night of President Obama’s first inauguration. Now, with the reminder, do you really believe Obama has any reason to sit with these anarchist? After previous efforts to negotiate, the lechers ran to cameras immediately thereafter to gloat about backing down the president.

    Boehner provided the best example of result that had to please his money-backing Koch machine.  “I got 98% of what I wanted.”  Yes, and after the US suffered a Credit Rating downgrade.

    I hope President Obama and Democrats (and sensible Republicans as few as there are) Hang-in against the bullies. They should remember that old axiom, “If you wallow with a pig, the pig will love it. First, you have lowered yourself to his pig pen. Second and more important, YOU NOW STINK.”

    The Whirling Wind And Party Ideology That Reminds Of 9/11

    In Benjamin T. Moore, Iraq War, Jeff Sessions, John Boehner, Obama Care, pearl harbor, Rand Paul, The Whirlingwind Dot Com on September 26, 2013 at 11:06 AM

    Re-blog from The Whirlingwind Dot Com……

    We have to comment. The images chosen and depicted by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr. have a common thread. With an exception for Mike Lee (of whom I know nothing) the pictured Senators have a past or current background that reaches into Civil Rights. Their reach has been (Sessions) and is (Paula and Cruz) very much anti-Civil rights. Their common bound speaks volumes about their mindsets, their social paradigms and how they legislate. I am stopping just shy of calling each Paul and Cruz are not in the Senate to legislate. ~ The Pardu

    The Whirling Wind

    Radical Republicans Carry On Osama’s Legacy

    radical republicans carry on osamas legacy header Radical Republicans Carry On Osamas Legacy

    by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

    If you believe the official account of the events on September 11, 2001, Osama Bin Laden masterminded a plan to bring this nation to its knees. We lost 2,978 innocent civilians on that day by conservative estimates. Because of this, we launched two wars, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. We’ve spent trillions of dollars, ruined our economy and sacrificed 10′s of thousands of the treasure of this nation. Thanks to certain Radical Republicans, it turns out, Osama could have been more effective by simply donating to one of several Republican “Super-PACs.”

    Radical Republicans

    I am old enough to remember the political parties before the Republicans lost their damn minds. No, I’m not going to play the false equivalence game and pretend to be “fair and balanced” like FAUX News. Sometimes, one of the two sides in a dispute is clearly and unequivocally wrong! I can recall when the Republicansbelieved in fiscal responsibility. Now they merely pay lip service to it. Republicans used to believe in smaller government. Now, they’re fascist.
    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”
    – Benito Mussolini
    They care more about the wishes of the corporations who own them than they do about the actual constituents they purport to represent. The Republicans I remember growing up, tended to be against wars and if anything leaned towardsisolationism.” The radical Republicans of today, haven’t seen a seen a war they’re not in favor of.
    The only things they’re not in favor of are the very things that would make this nation stronger, energy independent and would boost the standard of living and quality of life for United States citizens.
    Radical Republicans were against bailing out our automotive industry. Think about this for a moment. During WWII, it was our automotive industry that tooled up to produce tanks, firearms and many of the necessities that made it possible for us to prevail. Were it not for the manufacturing base provided by our automotive industries, we all might well be speaking German today. That is, those of us left alive to live under a totalitarian dictatorship.
    radical republicans detroit Radical Republicans Carry On Osamas Legacy

    Not the Detroit I remember.
    Even if we ignore the national security implications, think of all the jobs that would have been lost. Not just the direct jobs lost because of factory closings, but all the additional downstream jobs in the companies that produce the products the automotive industries require. Think of the small businesses that depend on the people in communities who are employed by the automotive industry. Mitt Romney’s Op-Ed entitled, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” should be instructional. Detroit has indeed gone bankrupt. Look at Detroit. It is rapidly spiralling down into a “3rd World” experience. This began when the automotive industries began pulling out and relocating. Trouble is, many of these manufacturing plants are now in communities all around the nation. Possibly there are a few employing people in your community. Had we taken the advice of the radical Republicans, you might have been surprised to find your own community looking like Detroit.

    Radical Republicans Or Closet Terrorists?

    radical republicans pearl harbor attack Radical Republicans Carry On Osamas LegacyWhat if a foreign power attacked the United States and killed 45,000 of our citizens? Men, women and children? I want you to actually consider this for a moment. What would you think ought to be done? When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 killing 2,402 of our sailors and wounding 1,247, we dove into WWII which resulted in nuclear weapons being used for the first – and hopefully the last – time in recorded history. When we were attacked on September 11, 2001, we counted 2,978 fatalities. We went to war with two nations – one of which had absolutely nothing to do with the attack – and spent trillions of dollars.
    Yet, each year, 45,000 of our brother and sister American citizens die because they have no health insurance. That’s over 15 times the number of people we lost in the September 11 attacks… each year! Do you think we ought to do something about it? How can anyone claim to be a patriot and profess a love for this nation, be against a law that will potentially save 45,000 American lives? Radical Republicans are.
    Radical Republicans make Osama Bin Laden look like a piker! He only murdered 2,978 of our citizens. The policy the Radical Republicans are doggedly pursuing will murder 45,000 of our citizens each year. We sent Seal Team 6 to get Osama. Who are we sending after these terrorists?

    Backstabbing Our Troops The Radical Republican Forte`

    radical republicans wounded veterans Radical Republicans Carry On Osamas Legacy

    What about them? Can they stand a Government shut down?
    If you’re old enough, you will remember when the Republican Party didn’t merely pay lip service to being pro-military. They actually respected and honored those who had served out country in uniform. Being a veteran put you at the head of the line for a job when you returned to civilian life. During the Vietnam war when there was a draft, many times employers would hold your job for you upon your return. Not so now. The families of many active duty soldiers depend on “food stamps” to feed their families during their loved one’s absence.
    Radical Republicans in their zeal to stomp on minorities and people of color, are doing all they can to defund and under fund our food stamp safety net. Because of their policies, according to the Department of Defense, some 5,000 families of active duty servicemen will have their food stamps cut. Imagine what that does to the man or woman fighting in the field. How can he or she concentrate on their job while worrying about whether or not their children are going to bed hungry.
    While we’re on the subject of hunger in America, 52.32 million people – 1 in 6 – many of them children, are struggling with hunger right here in this country which likes to boast of its “exceptionalism.” When Russian President, Vladimir Putin said that America was not exceptional, many of these same Radical Republicans took offense. Well damnit! The truth hurts doesn’t it?  How the Hell are we exceptional when 52.32 million of our citizens are going to bed hungry just like people in 3rd World Nations?
    radical republicans bridge collapse minneapolis Radical Republicans Carry On Osamas Legacy

    The entire span of the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis.
    Our infrastructure is collapsing around our ears. We’ve got bridges all across this nation that have been marked as unsafe and closed. Some have even fallen down costing lives. We’ve got thousands of veterans, both men and women returning from war in need of jobs. Meanwhile, the House of Representatives under the leadership(?) of John Boehner have refused to pass a single jobs bill. They’ve refused to pass a single bill that would help our returning troops. Oh, by the way, they have voted to repeal Obama Care 41 times. They have caused the United States credit rating to be downgraded. At the time of my writing this, we’re headed for another Government shut down. Did I mention we have troops who are currently fighting a war? Might be nice if we paid them.
    Who needs terrorist when you’ve got Radical Republicans doing everything in their power to destroy America. I’m sure Osama Bin Laden is spinning at the bottom of the sea saying, “Damn! If I’d only known!”


    Add The Whirling Wind to your “must visit” sites!

    House Voters to Repeal Obamacare. Why? The Answer Looks Bad.

    In Paul Krugman, Reuters on May 17, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    John Boehner says, “We. Will. Repeal.”
    The White House says, “It’s. The. Law”

    Do you want perspective on why the GOP has spent 15% of its time on insane repeal Obamacare votes?  Could the governing fallacy have to do with steady stream of contribution to Hose Representatives? If you chose to not view the charts below  at least view the Open Secrets links.  The ;picture is stark and will slap you in the face.

    First, let’s visit a quote from a very intelligent person.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Blog Market Watch Dot Com published an interesting piece on the GOP and their insanity regarding the useless Affordable Care Act repeal votes. The John Boehner and White House tweets above are extracted from the piece. 

    If you read the TPI piece “The Gallery of Shame” you read about the gun lobbying expenditures and contributions to GOP members of Congress.  The contributions shed light on why each member of the US Senate blocked background check legislation. A few Democrats also voted to block background checks and that link shows they probably voted out of fear as the money did not trickle over to their “open accounts”. 

    Market Watch used an interesting interactive paragraph to show how the ACA has cut into the earnings (share prices) of top Health care Insurance companies. 


    Since there is virtually no chance the Democratic-controlled Senate will pass the legislation — and an even more remote possibility Obama would sign it — the move is more a political ploy.


    Since the law was enacted in March 2010, share prices of four of the five major U.S. insurers — Aetna Inc. AET -0.50% , Cigna Corp. CI -1.09% , Humana Inc. HUM -0.19% , and UnitedHealth Group Inc. UNH +0.86% — have nearly doubled in value. The fifth, WellPoint Inc. WLP -1.27% , has gained about 20%. The company has struggled with declining membership enrollment and higher medical costs. Read more on Health Exchange blog.

    As is frequently the case, regarding the specific corporations listed, we took the Market Watch paragraph above and sought more insight into money trails and corporate performance under the Affordable Care Act. (ACA) We sought narrative information from Reuters, charts from Yahoo Finance, and political contribution information from Open Secrets.  The Think Progress table below concisely summarizes information  about the Market Watch companies. All sources are link on a per corporation basis.

    Despite Market Watch’s clear indication that four of the five corporations have suffered “Share Prices” erosion, data from other sources (As delineated above) show stellar revenue performance with an exception for WellPoint. In fact, it may be purely coincidental, but charted indicators below show post Obama Stimulus performance at the level of phenomenal. The Stimulus is not a primary consideration and focus of this piece; the charted data drew attention comparable to an unattended “Benjamin” ($100.00 bill) lying in front of me. 

    Aetna Inc.

    Open Secrets Dot Org: Link


    Aetna said its third-quarter profit had risen to $499.2 million, or $1.47 per share, from $490.4 million, or $1.30 per share, a year earlier.

    Excluding tax benefits and other special items, earnings rose to $1.55 per share from $1.40. That was ahead of analysts’ average estimate of $1.34, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

    Last week, larger competitor UnitedHealth Group Inc (UNH.N) also reported earnings above Wall Street expectations.

    Aetna’s revenue increased to $8.9 billion from $8.4 billion, in line with expectations. The company attributed the rise to higher insurance premiums in its commercial, Medicare and Medicaid businesses.

    Aetna added 149,000 new medical members in the quarter to reach its full-year goal of 18.2 million.
     Chart forAetna Inc. (AET)

     Cigna Corp.

    Open Secrets Dot Org: Link 


    Cigna’s first-quarter net income fell to $57 million, or 20 cents per share, from $371 million, or $1.28 per share, a year earlier.
    The results included a previously announced $507 million charge for a February deal with Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRKa.N), which will reinsure two of Cigna’s closed annuity reinsurance businesses and remove risk from the company’s balance sheet.
    Excluding that charge and other items, earnings were $497 million, or $1.72 per share, up from $359 million, or $1.24 per share, a year earlier.
    On that basis, analysts were expecting $1.43 per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.
    “The beat was driven by stronger-than-expected medical cost management,” Oppenheimer & Co analyst Michael Wiederhorn wrote in a research note.
    Chart forCigna Corp. (CI)

    Humana Inc. 

    Open Secrets Dot Org: Link


    Humana’s first-quarter net income nearly doubled to $473 million, or $2.95 per share, from $248 million, or $1.49 per share, a year earlier.The company said results were 26 cents a share higher than expected because of favorable claims settlements and the delayed cuts to Medicare reimbursement. Excluding those benefits, earnings of $2.69 a share were far higher than the $1.81 that analysts polled by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S were expecting on that basis.

     Chart forHumana Inc. (HUM)

    UnitedHealth Group Inc.

    Open Secrets Dot Org: Link 


    The company said first-quarter net profit was $1.2 billion, or $1.16 per share, down from $1.4 billion, or $1.31 per share a year earlier.

    Analysts on average had been expecting earnings of $1.14 per share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

    Investors may have been surprised that the company did not beat earnings by more given that some hospital groups have reported low use of services this quarter, which typically benefits insurers, said Chris Rigg, an analyst at Susquehanna Financial Group. Hospital groups HCA Holdings Inc (HCA.N) and Health Management Associates Inc (HMA.N) both warned that admissions were weak in the first quarter.

    “The data points we’ve gotten from the providers would have suggested a larger beat in the quarter,” Rigg said.

    The company also lowered its 2013 revenue expectation by $2.5 billion to $122 billion because a major public-sector customer had switched out of a full-risk plan to a self-funded insurance plan. In the latter, the customer pays for its employee healthcare and UnitedHealth administers the plan. UnitedHealth, which provides these services to many large companies, receives lower revenue in that fee-based business.

    The switch comes as employers and insurance providers brace for the next wave of implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

    “There is an adverse incentive in the Affordable Care Act to move from full-risk insurance to a service, self-insurance type model,” Jefferies & Co analyst David Windley said. Moving to a self-funded plan can enable employers to avoid the new insurance premium tax next year, he said.
    Chart forUnitedHealth Group Incorporated (UNH)

    WellPoint Inc.

     Open Secrets Dot Org: Link

    WellPoint reported a profit of $885.2 million, or $2.89 per share, up from $856.5 million, or $2.53 per share, a year earlier. It now expects 2013 net income earnings of at least $7.75 per share.
    Chart forWellPoint Inc. (WLP)

    Think Progress

    “Combined profits for UnitedHealth Group Inc., WellPoint Inc., Aetna Inc., Cigna Corp. and Humana Inc., which cover one-third of the U.S. population, surged 13.5% to $3.4 billion in the second quarter,” they found. “If the trend holds, the five companies will take a record $14 billion in profits in 2011.”

    If the healthcare industry continues to experience higher profits and increasing numbers of people  signing-up for coverage, I cannot get my brain around GOP efforts to repeal the ACA.  They factually accept money from big healthcare. In fact,  Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) has stated the repeal votes are akin to a terrible “Catch-22” for the GOP.  The GOP (Ryan Budget) includes cost analysis and projections based on existing law. The ACA is existing law!  Does the (fallacy laden) Ryan Budget fall part if the ACA is repealed?  Does the GOP care about the impact on their Budget plan if the ACA is non-existent?  I posit the GOP does not care about impact on their budget because their budget is basically “Smoke and Mirrors’ (cracked mirrors) in its entirety.

    “House Republicans’ budget hypocrisy knows no bounds,” Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), the Democrats’ leader on budget issues, told TPM. “This Obamacare repeal vote … exposes the mother of all budget gimmicks — the fact that the Republican claim of balancing the budget depends on the savings and revenues from Obamacare. The minute they vote to repeal the law, their budget is out of balance — they can’t have it both ways.”

    Martin Bashir and Chrsi Van Hollen

    Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

    John Boehner says, “We. Will. Repeal.”

    I am possibly being a bit feeble minded, but I see nothing in repeal efforts, but unadulterated politics.  The GOP in the House is clearly working to strip the nation of President Obama’s key piece of legislation since taking office in 2009. The following link navigates to a Healthcare Dot Gov webpage.  Specifically, you will be navigated to an ACA Timeline.  As I click though the Timeline, even with my liberal bias, I cannot find any reason conservatives would red the items and take exception. Over the last week a few articles have induced cause to pause as I listen to the GOP.  First, healthcare cost increases have slowed moderately. The less rapid increase in cost may not be due to the ACA, but there is little that indicates the ACA may not have some influence. I am not making declarative statements that the ACA has definite impact on the slowed cost increases. Another article related to well documented reductions in the US deficit. The reports are accompanied by bewilderment from many economist who to the person caution about the future. Well, I find that intriguing.  I am not hearing as much caution from economist who have supported the Administration economic strategies and plans since early 2009. In fact, Paul Krugman was very vocal in early 2009 that the Stimulus was not enough   All the while many of those, now amazed, economist continue their ‘all is a world of whoa” in the nations. Yet,  another reason to find fault in administration from the Right.  

    It appears to date all of the obstruction  and all the resistance has simply slowed progressive towards a better society. How can I, if I was inclined, even think to buy into thought the GOP is on the right (excuse the pun) of the “repeal the ACA” activities, waste and shame?

    Benjamin T Moore: Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    In Benjamin T. Moore Jr, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC, President Obama on March 21, 2013 at 3:32 PM

    Posted on March 21, 2013

    have progressives lost their damn minds header Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.
    bush cheney regime 300x175 Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    America’s Disgrace

    After surviving eight disastrous years of the Bush – Cheney Regime and the near apocalyptic consequences of that, the nation decided to do something different for a change. Instead of electing the next fool in line, we decided to actually put some thought into it. We went with a young African-American Senator. Some might say, he had “limited experience” but he was extremely gifted. He was highly educated. In touch with the youthful vitality of our nation. Full of infectious hope, he would bring new ideas to the table.
    walter payton sweetness Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    No matter how great he is, he still needs blockers.
    The weed of racism has deep roots in our American garden and we had to work mightily to overcome the choke hold of it’s grip on our politics. We refused to take “no” for an answer and beat back the doubters with the mantra of “yes we can.” And we did it! Then we all took a rest from our labors. It was almost as though we had passed our star “Running Back” the ball and we headed to the bench to watch the game. Politics like football is a team sport. No matter how gifted one might be, they cannot defeat the opposing team all by themselves. Did everyonereally believe that the Republican opposition was going to join us on the benches and sit back and watch President Obama run up the score? Based on our actions, or more correctly inactions, that seems to be exactly what we thought.


    The very night of President Obama’s first inauguration, while we wept, danced and celebrated, Republicans were behind closed doors plotting our downfall and destruction. Their primary objective as expressed by Mitch McConnell, “was to make President Obama a one term President.”  They purposefully decided not to govern and to obstructany and everything President Obama has attempted to do.
    fillibuster graph 300x226 Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    I’m beginning to suspect the real problem Republicans have is our President happens to be Black!
    We have had a record number of filibusters since President Obama took office. They’re on track to shatter that record again this year. We’ve seen Republicans sponsor a bill, then when President Obama says “it’s a good idea” they’ve voted against and killed their own bill. Even bills that used to be proforma – no brainers – such as VAWA – The Violence Against Women Act – have met with stiff opposition. Whom in their right mind wouldn’t vote to pass the Violence Against Women Act? If you’re reading this, you’ve got a mother… guaranteed. That’s a bill you’d vote for if for no other reason than you’ve got a mother.

    Racism Exposes Stupidity

    Here’s the thing everyone needs to remember. The Republicans control the House of Representatives. Thus there is no need for even one filibuster in the Senate over a bill! If you need to, read that again. Before a bill ever makes it to the President’s desk for his signature, it must first make it through not one, but both Houses of Congress. Thus merely for the sake of seeming reasonable, why wouldn’t you let it pass the Senate with no opposition and let the Republican controlled House of Representatives take the hit for blocking it? Senate Republicans could act responsibly and give the impression that they were reasonable and above the fray. However their innate racism causes them to do things that simply make no common sense and ultimately, are bad strategically. I fully expect Mitch McConnell to lose to Ashley Judd in his next election and it will be his own fault. For those who need a refresher course on how our legislative process works, I present a classic “School House Rock.”
     Given that Republicans have all lined up to be fitted with their patriotic, red, white and blue straight jackets, you would think that the Democratic Progressives would be pressing their advantage and mopping the floor with a Republican party in full disarray… They are not!

    Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    When your foe has shot himself in the foot, you don’t rush over and bandage his wounds, give him a shot of morphine and a crutch so he can continue the fight. You put him away… efficiently and with finality. This is not a sport. This is a fight for the future of our nation. If you have the strength of convictions in your political philosophy and ideologies, you have but one objective and that is to shape this nation in accordance with your principles. Make no mistake, the Republicans – if they were not busily engaged in cutting their own throats – would press their advantage without hesitation if the roles were reversed.
    harry reid Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    Senate Majority Leader – Harry Reid
    With the initiation of this most recent Congressional session, the Senate – under the control of the Democrats and Harry Reid – had the opportunity to change the rules and hamstring the rampant abuse of the filibuster process. No need to totally get rid of it. Just return it to the way it used to be. If you want to filibuster a Bill, hold the floor until you either cannot hold it any longer or until you persuade your fellow legislators to come over to your side. The way it currently is, a Senator can filibuster a Bill and the public might not even know which Senator had done this… or why! Have Progressives lost their damn minds? This one is a no-brainer!

    The Subtle Bigotry Of Back Seat Driving

    silly ed schultz Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    Ed Schultz
    Have you noticed that there are an awful lot of Progressives offering free advice to President Obama via their talk shows? I’ve been paying attention to politics ever since the first Presidential election I was old enough to participate in. To be sure, there have been Presidents I have thought were excellent and Presidents with whom I had strong disagreements with… of both political parties.
    To be sure, the media coverage fell along the lines you might expect. Pundits took issue and disagreed with Presidential positions and other Pundits defended those positions. What I have not noticed, up until now, has been every Tom, Dick and Harry with access to a television camera, telling the President of the United States how he ought to do his job. This is a new phenomenon. Yes, we’ve taken issue with a lot of the policies of nearly each and every President there has been. However, there was always the ever present, silent acknowledgement that the President had access to information that common people simply do not have access to.
    silly chris matthews Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    Chris – I voted for Bush – Matthews
    The game has changed with our first Black President. Progressives have now developed a cottage industry built around telling our President what he ought and ought not do. It is one thing to take issue with his decisions, it is quite another thing to proffer step by step instructions. I even heard Chris – yeah, I voted for Bush – Matthews saying that the President ought to have the Republicans over to the White House more for dinners and get-togethers. Really? Evidently he hasn’t been paying attention to the numerous times the President has done that very thing only to be rebuffed and snubbed by the likes of Boehner and McConnell.
    How quickly we forget, the night before President Obama announced to the World the capture and execution of Osama Bin Laden, he was at the annual Press Club dinner, laughing and joking and being the butt of a joke about having forgotten all about Osama Bin Laden. While he laughed at the joke, he knew that an operation was under way to bring Osama to justice.

    Moaning About Drones

    predator Drone firing missiles Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?
    katt williams Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    Katt Williams – Perhaps not as crazy as we think?
    This issue is simply stunning in it’s insipid stupidity! When Anwar al-Aulaqi met his richly deserved fate, the first thing by way of an epitaph that popped into my mind were the words of that great philosopher and fount of all things wise – Comedian Katt Williams – “you shouldn’t of been talking shit!” Yes, Anwar al-Aulaqi was born in these United States. At one time he was a United States citizen with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. For the sake of this discussion, let us presume that he had at no time renounced his citizenship and was a citizen in good standing.
    anwar al aulaqi 300x238 Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    Anwar al-Aulaqi gone to his own personal Jihad in the sky.
    What seems to have gotten the Progressive panties in a knot is the fact that our government killed a United States citizen with “malice aforethought,” and without according to this citizen(?) the due process guaranteed under the United States Constitution. I hope you’ll find my summary of the issues satisfactory. Here’s the point. This happens every damn day in these United States, most often it happens to a Black or minority citizen. When a police officer – agent of the government – guns down an unarmed Black or minority person, that person is just as dead as Anwar al-Aulaqui! That person got just as much due process as Anwar al-Aulaqui. In almost every instance, there was far less justification for this murder at the hands of our Government than there was for the execution of Anwar al-Aulaqui.
    I direct your attention to the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Article 3 – The Judicial Branch
    Section 3 – Treason
    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
    The penalty for Treason is the death sentence. There is no doubt that the actions of Anwar al-Aulaqi met the formal definition of Treason. He was a member of Al’Qaeda. On 5 November 2009, Army Major Nidal Hasan murdered 13 people and wounded 30 at Ft. Hood. He had been in email communication with his personal Imam – Anwar al-Aulaqi.
    I personally saw video tapes of Anwar al-Aulaqi calling for the overthrow of the United States and attempting to foment violent uprisings. This is beyond dispute. Had Anwar al-Aulaqi been on United States soil or in a nation with whom we have extradition treaties, he would have been brought to justice in one of our courts of law. He was in Yemen. Our relationship with the government of Yemen is strained to put it mildly. We couldn’t really pick up the phone and have him delivered to us.
    Could we have sent in Seal Team 6 to retrieve him? Perhaps. However, that would have been extremely costly and risked not only the lives of some of our nation’s finest, it would have put a lot of civilian lives in peril. Could we have sent in an attack helicopter to take him out? Of course! But what’s the difference? The fact of the matter is, Mr. Al-Aulaqi was brought to justice, efficiently and with the least amount of collateral damage possible. We did not put the lives of our military personnel at risk and we did it for a fraction of the cost of putting boots on the ground. So what’s your complaint? Have Progressives lost their damn minds?

    My Rights Are Better Than Your Rights

    silly rachel Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    Rachel Maddow
    One of the most surrealistic examples of idiocy occurs five nights a week on MSNBC at 9 pm. eastern time. That is when “The Rachel Maddow” show airs. Ms. Maddow is unabashedly lesbian. She has a partner or wife or whatever they term their relationship to be, and has referenced this fact on her show… usually in passing. You can almost guarantee that a segment of her show each evening will be devoted to the struggle for “Gay Rights.” Usually it is either the first or second segment.
    I get it! Rachel is a lesbian activist and the issues which impact her lifestyle are very important to her. She is a tireless campaigner for Gay equality. The right to marry, the right to adopt children, up until President Obama did away with DADT – Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – the right to serve openly in the military. These were issues that we’d hear night after night after night. All of it was under the aegis of the recognition of Rights and equal protection under the law.
    The problem becomes apparent when the subject of firearms comes up. Rachel is as virulently anti-gun as she is pro-Gay rights. Although she is a Rhodes Scholar and has attended Oxford University on a full scholarship and holds the equivalent of at least one doctorate degree, possibly more, Rachel seems oblivious to the fact that if gun Rights are open for review and removal, so are Gay Rights. Rachel, if you cannot respect and support my Rights, why should I support and respect your Rights? The Second Amendment is not in the Bill of Privileges. It is in the Bill of Rights. Have Progressives lost their damn minds?

    When Faking Ignorance Becomes Stupidity.

    silly lawrence Have Progressives Lost Their Damn Minds?

    Lawrence O’Donnell
    Lawrence O’Donnell is another blight on the ass of common sense. Although Mr. O’Donnell frequently gives the impression of being a lawyer – he references writing legislation for the Senate Finance Committee – it turns out he never actually went to Law School. Perhaps that might explain some of the cockamamie nonsense he spews when it comes to gun Rights and other legal matters.
    On this evening’s show he was bawling yet again about guns. He recounted the story of a woman going through a divorce who was threatened by her husband. In particular, the husband told her that the did not want her new boyfriend anywhere near his young son. She ignored his advice. He subsequently showed up with one of his firearms and threatened her life. The police were called. He was arrested.
    I sat in stunned amazement while Lawrence carped about the Police not removing this man’s firearms while he was under the protective order filed by his soon to be ex-wife. You do not have to be a lawyer to know, this isn’t the movie “Minority Report” we’re living in. We do not punish people for what they might do. Anyone can get a protective order. Here in Indiana, a protective order is filed as a matter of course whenever a divorce is filed for. Whether it is needed or not. As a matter of fact, in the right court, I could get a protective order against Lawrence O’Donnell. Chances are, he wouldn’t have to be present and may never even know I’d filed for one.
    His guest attempted to allude to this fact, to wit: you cannot punish someone for something they haven’t done, but Lawrence soldiered on by pointing out that people have their passports taken even though they have not been convicted of a crime. Evidently Lawrence equates a criminal indictment with a request for an order of protection. It just occurred to me, perhaps Lawrence isn’t faking? Have Progressives lost their damn minds?

    Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

    The Republican party is in disarray. They have no real leader. The crazy wing has taken over the Republican party. Now is not the time to join them. Now is the time to press our advantage. The NRA is not the problem. Most people who have owned firearms for any length of time consider the NRA to be a toothless lion. We own firearms for various reasons. The protection of ourselves and our families being primary.
    The dirty little secret is, citizens of these United States really take the whole “land of the free, home of the brave” thing seriously. It is not a Republican thing nor a Democrat thing, it’s an American thing. As Democrats we realize that Government does and should play a vital role in advancing the quality of life. However, when Government begins to flex it’s muscle and tell us what we can eat and drink – Michael Bloomberg – we begin to find this as repugnant as Republicans wanting to insert government into a woman’s womb. There is not a lot of difference.
    Each piece you run on gun violence doesn’t say we need to be disarmed. If anything it proves how dangerous society has become and why we need to be armed! After eight years of the “Bungling Brothers Circus” there is a lot that needs fixing. We have a competent and capable President in the White House that needs our support on the things that matter. This faux issue ginned up by the Progressives – not the Republicans – over Drones, is a waste of time, a distraction and only serves to weaken our position. Instead of attempting to tell our President how to do his job, how about we get behind him and help him? Or have Progressives really lost their damn minds?
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