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Mario Piperni Headlines Liz Cheney As "Quitter"

In Liz Cheney, Mario Piperni on January 6, 2014 at 6:54 PM

As we were about to head to the keyboard regarding the “QUIT” as a candidate for the US Senate, Mario Piperni blasted our email boxes with a piece that we simply cannot add additional value.

We will comment in one regard.  If you seriously believe the reason given for Cheney’s decision not to run, I invite you for a few hands of Poker.  

Question.  Do you really believe Liz Cheney would have dropped her quest for he Senate seat had she been a head in the pols by a wide margin?


Cry For Me, Wyoming

Cheney Dicks Unlimited-2

This was predictable.

Liz Cheney said in a statement early Monday morning that her decision to abruptly end her Senate campaign was prompted by health concerns in her family.

“Serious health issues have recently arisen in our family, and under the circumstances, I have decided to discontinue my campaign. My children and their futures were the motivation for our campaign and their health and well-being will always be my overriding priority,” she said in the statement.

Once back-stabbing, bigoted, sister-hating, power-hungry Liz gets past the BS excuse of health issues for her failed campaign, she’ll turn to the old conservative standby, aka Plan B – blame the biased liberal media for her miserable performance in Wisconsin Wyoming.

The only unfortunate outcome of this vile little person’s decision to quit is that we won’t get to watch Cheney getting trounced in the Republican primary.

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