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Fitch Issues a Credit Rating Warning! Ameircans Know Who Is Driving The Train Wreck

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The GOP keeps pushing.  

USA Today is reporting Fitch has issued a warning about the US AAA Credit Rating. As you read on, we ask that you keep in mind the federal government shutdown has been in the works for at least two to three years. Our research indicates it has genesis in uber wealthy plutocrats who sue political contributions (and only heaven knows other forms of enticements) to influence right-wing politicians.

Fitch issues warning on U.S. credit rating

Fitch Ratings said Tuesday it has placed its top rating on U.S. government’s long-term debt on review for a possible downgrade, citing the drawn-out debate over raising the nation’s debt limit. 

“Although Fitch continues to believe that the debt ceiling will be raised soon, the political brinkmanship and reduced financing flexibility could increase the risk of a U.S. default,” the ratings agency said. 
The Treasury Department has said the emergency measures it has been using to manage the nation’s finances under the existing debt limit will run out Thursday.

The signs are there and it appears the US House of Representatives (House Republicans) do not care. Boehner, Cantor and their tea party caucus are busily working to deflect their shutdown on Democrats and the president. Their failure in defunding the ACA has turned into an international embarrassment and has pushed the middle class to a cliff over and abyss of financing ruin.

If we look back a couple of days and a couple of news reports on the GOP Shutdown, the GOP mantra of “The American People” fizzles like most GOP presidential campaign.

Martin Bashir, MSNBC video segment. Linked

Nearly three-quarters of Americans disapprove of Republicans’ handling of the budget crisis, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll released Monday. 
Disapproval of the GOP, which has risen steadily since just before the government shutdown began, is now at 74 percent, up 11 points from late September. 
A majority of Americans are also discontented with Democrats’ role in the budget negotiations. But disapproval ratings for Democrats in Congress and for President Barack Obama, both of which started at a lower level than disapproval of Republicans in Congress, have remained largely unchanged in the past two weeks. Sixty-one percent of Americans now dislike congressional Democrats’ handling of the crisis, while 53 percent dislike Obama’s. Those are rises of only 5 points and 3 points, respectively, from before the shutdown began.

Republicans themselves are increasingly negative about their lawmakers. In the latest survey, Americans who identified as Republican were about evenly split on congressional Republicans’ performance, with 47 percent giving them a thumbs-down. Sixty-three percent of “very conservative” Republicans, however approve
Other surveys have found similarly bleak results for the GOP. A Gallup poll last week showed the party’s rating at a record low, while an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, also released last week, found that Americans assigned Republicans far more blame for the shutdown. The latter survey also found evidence of an “ideological boomerang” against the GOP, with support rising for a Democratic-controlled Congress, Obama’s health care law and an expanded role for government.

Suicide is ugly whether committed by a person or a political party.  

Memphis Parks, Sons Of Confederate Veterans, "Triple Hatred" (VIDEO) Series

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Are we hiding our faces, Gents?

A few months back the city of Memphis Tennessee, changed the names of three community parks. The park names were hurriedly changed to avoid pending legislation that would have preserved the names for all time. The names reflected a racist past that many in Memphis had grown to hold in contempt.


USAToday reported in February this year, as follows.

Memphis changes names of 3 Confederate-themed parks
The measure was passed quickly to beat an effort by state lawmakers to block such moves.   

Doug Stanglin, USA TODAY 9:57 a.m. EST February 6, 2013


The Memphis city council has hurriedly renamed three Confederate-themed parks, including one named after the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, to head off an effort by some state legislators to block such name changes. 

The “Tennessee Heritage Protection Act of 2013” bill, already introduced in the state legislature, would prohibit name changes to any “statue, monument, memorial, nameplate, plaque, historic flag display,school, street, bridge,building, park preserve, or reserve which has been erected for, or named or dedicated in honor of, any historical military figure,historical military event, military organization, or military unit” on public property, according to The Memphis Flyer. 

The Sons of Confederate Veterans and others in Memphis opposed the name changes, saying that Forrest is a misunderstood figure who was not a racist but a businessman who treated his slaves humanely and resigned from the Klan.

Long-simmering disputes over the names of the parks came to a head last month when the city removed a recently installed half-ton, $10,000 granite marker installed at Forrest Park by The Sons of Confederate Veterans, The Commercial Appeal noted.

Did you notice the USA Today writer used the words “Confederate Theme Parks?” Did you also notice The Sons of Confederate Veterans said Forrest was not a racist but a businessman.  “A businessman!”

Merriam-Webster Dot Com: 

Racist: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Businessman“: a usually commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood : trade, line

If the Sons of the Confederate Veterans do not recognize the inherent nature of black people as human chattel and a chatte  earn revenue as an accepted act in a racist society, the “sons” must feel we all watch Fox News (an issue of intellect).  Forrest was not enslaving and selling white people, nor was he advertising the sale of animals other than his human property. He placed one race above that of another; that was factually racist no matter what angle one chooses to view Forrest’s actions.

Forrest was a racist in the worse sense. Memphis has a well established and proud black community.  Can you imagine forced acceptance of one of the city’s longstanding vestiges of a horrid aspect of US History? 

I am certain there are many in the community who feel much better about their lives after the park name changes.  We find it totally indicative of the American South that legislators in the state were about to enact a bill that would have forced thousands of visitors to the park to view and accept past slavery as incidentally as a neighborhood Piggly-Wiggly grocery store.
The name changes:

Confederate Park to Memphis Park; 
Jefferson Davis Park to Mississippi River Park; 
and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park to Health Sciences Park.

Nathan Bedford Forrest 


Old Bed[1] – Devil Forrest[2]
Wizard of the Saddle[1]

July 13, 1821

Chapel Hill, Tennessee

October 29, 1877 (aged 56)

Memphis, Tennessee

Place of burial
Forrest Park, Memphis, Tennessee

Confederate States of America Confederate States of America
 Confederate States Army
Years of service
1861 – 1865

CSAGeneral.png Lieutenant General
Commands held
Forrest’s Cavalry Corps


Vice Dot Com is running a four part series with the Memphis park name change and local KKK protest and cross burning. We offer for your perusal and awareness: Triple Hatred Parts I – IV.  America and exceptional nation?  Debatable.

Part I.

Part II.

Part III.

Part IV.

An issue of contraception or an issue of desperation?

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                                   Constitutional Rights???? Really

Well, we have another issue that divides the Right and the Left.  Many people are up-in-arms about the Administration’s move to honor and promulgate a provision of the Affordable Healthcare Act.  It is  unfortunate, but enforcement of the provision has impact of both religious groups (some more vocal than others) and impact on the other end of the spectrum women.  Someplace in the middle is, in my opinion, an honorable and credible effort to provide healthcare services for as many in the nation as is possible. Of course, as with any initiative from the White House, we have our customary political posturing and complaints from groups of ‘encroachment’ on their way of life.

As I read a couple of articles on the topic, both from Huffington Post, I could not help but think thoughts of sharing a bit. The first article lays-out both sides of the issue, speaks about confusion from the Left, and provides information about how the Catholic Church is dealing with the provision of the Affordable Healthcare Act..


Larua Bassett,  2/8/2012, Updated 2/9/2012

The rule, announced in January by the Department of Health and Human Services, requires most employers to offer health insurance plans that cover birth control with no co-pay. Religious entities who employ mostly people of one faith and have the inculcation of religious values as their main purpose, such as churches and other houses of worship, are exempt from the rule. All other employers who morally object to birth control and don’t currently cover it for their employees have an extra year to adjust to the new rule.

Supporters of the birth control rule also take issue with it being characterized as “an assault on religious freedom.” They argue that the alternative, which is allowing employers to cherry-pick health benefits for the women they employ based on the employers’ religious beliefs, encroaches on individual liberty.

 WASHINGTON — Rep. Diana DeGette, co-chair of the Congressional Pro Choice Caucus, said that at least three of her progressive colleagues, whom she declined to name, have expressed “confusion” over whether to support the Obama administration’s new birth control coverage rule after receiving personal phone calls from their Catholic bishops.


Larua Bassett and Sam Stein, 

John Boehner Demands Reversal Of New Birth Control Rule (UPDATE)

WASHINGTON — In a rare floor speech Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) demanded that the Obama administration reverse its new rulerequiring most employers’ insurance plans to cover birth control with no co-pay for employees. Boehner pledged to take legislative action if the administration refuses to reverse.

Echoing the argument of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, one of the most powerful lobbying groups on the issue of birth control, Boehner called the coverage mandate “an unambiguous attack on religious freedom in our country” because it includes religiously affiliated organizations, such as schools and hospitals. 

A group of 23 Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders countered Boehner’s argument, saying in a joint statement Wednesday that they stand with President Obama and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in their decision to expand birth control coverage for women. 

“We believe that women and men have the right to decide whether or not to apply the principles of their faith to family planning decisions, and to do so they must have access to services,” the group said. “Hospitals and universities across the religious spectrum have an obligation to assure that individuals’ conscience and decisions are respected and that their students and employees have access to this basic health care service. We invite other religious leaders to speak out with us for universal coverage of contraception.”

Of course, there are many thousands of additional arguments about the law and provisions related to contraception.  I am particularly concerned about those who claim the Federal Government is over stepping its legal (Constitutional) responsibilities via applying the provision of the law.

Lawrence O’Donnell jumped into the fray last evening with a couple interviews.  While the video below includes comment from two guest, the first speaker adds nothing cogent to the dialog.  I ask that you consider the second speakers (pictured in the still shot below) as the salient part of the segments.

This morning Huff-Post’s Sam Stein added another layer of consideration to the argument.

Stein writes…..
WASHINGTON — Hoping to hold the line on President Barack Obama’s controversial contraception ruling, which requires most religiously affiliated employers to cover the costs of their employees’ birth control, Democrats are passing around private polling data from last August showing that a majority of the country — including Catholics — actually favors the policy.
A Democratic source on Thursday morning sent over previously unreleased data put together by pollster Celinda Lake for the Herndon Alliance, a non-partisan pro-health care reform coalition. The survey, conducted with more than 1,000 people, focuses on all aspects of the Affordable Care Act.
Stein article  and Herndon survey document

Why the Herndon alliance never published the survey is unclear.  As is the case with much of our lives thee days, the information is now as relevant as the fall elections.  The non-release is telling in a couple of ways, first we must assume that such surveys probably influence policy. We may not see the surveys, but people in certain position comb through them like a ‘cannot-put-it-down’ novel. I will take the last statement a step further, when it comes to social issues, I will wager much surveying takes place and survey results influence decision-making (especially politically).

USA Today

The issue is no more a war of religion as we factually do not have ‘class warfare’ in the nation.  People should stop listening to Right-wing and political year dramas (Democrats, many Catholics included) and seek a little data.

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