“Some of you out there, let’s see, are blaming Fox News or talk radio. By the way, personally, I wish I had that much power and that much influence. I don’t. Neither does anyone else. If I did, Obama would never have been president.” 
…. “Now, those of you who have that analysis, I think it’s extremely shallow and, by the way, predicated on this notion that people were stupid. People were bamboozled. Sorry, I don’t buy that for one second.”

….  “I wish I had that much power and that much influence, I don’t… If I did, Obama never would have been president.”

The following is the full seven plus minute video. The latter portion of the Fox News garbage spews along the line of voter frustration with Washington DC.  I ask, which network has been most critical of the Administration without corollary criticism of conservative politicians and publicly pronounced obstruction against President Obama?  The question is rhetorical; there is no need to answer.